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Believed the hoax? Think again!
Thursday, July 10, 2014 (26 Comments)

The world media was bombarded with the photos of the 3 kidnapped Israelis. Even the Westerners who claimed support for the Palestinian cause sent their condolences and regards to the families of the 3 Jewish settlers. Suddenly, the world stood silent as if they’ve all figured out the true face of terror in Palestine.

But is that what really happened?

I work in media and I know how much they manipulate the story and all the stories we hear on the news every day.

It’s alarming not to question what we hear in the media. It means the institutions have infiltrated our world so deeply that we stopped thinking for ourselves.

Let’s examine the official Israeli story:

3 Israeli teenagers were kidnapped in Gush Etzion, as they were hitchhiking to their homes. Later, the bodies were found in a field northwest of Hebron. No Palestinian faction announced responsibility for the operation. In retaliation, Netanyahu shelled Gaza and the Israeli army launched an operation in the West Bank against Hamas targets.

1) All the settlements in Hebron, including Gush Etzion, are the most guarded settlements in the region. Hebron is heavily controlled by the Israeli army. The only recorded kidnap in the few previous years was in Gaza and the soldier then, Gilad Shalit, was kidnapped in a cross-border raid. This cannot be compared to the heavily guarded area of Gush Etzion.

2) Israelis would not hitchhike in Hebron in areas surrounded by Arab neighborhoods. Also, if 3 teens were together it’s almost impossible to be involved in an unplanned hitchhiking incident where none of the 3 escaped. We already know that a typical car on the street would carry from 5-7 passengers. I doubt the kidnappers would be more than 3 or 4 in number. We also know that all the settlers are armed. A year ago we heard an ironic story of the settler who landed in Germany and was still carrying his firearm at the airport. He claimed he forgot about it because he carries it all the time! He was not the exception, as this is normal. Every settler is armed.

3) If you think we are talking about 3 innocent teenagers who have been living a peaceful life that has nothing to do with the conflict, think again. Dr. Elias Akleh wrote more on this:

4) No Palestinian faction announced responsibility for the operation. In the Palestinian history of armed resistance, all kidnappings were immediately announced by the faction responsible.

5) “The bodies of the three boys were found in a field northwest of Hebron.” Now this is the most revealing of all the evidence. Why would any Palestinian get rid of an Israeli body this way?! Would any sane man throw valuable diamonds in the sea (apart from the silly old lady in the Titanic movie)?

They would have exchanged the bodies for hundreds of Palestinian prisoners or the remains of Palestinian martyrs that are still held by the Israeli army and hadn’t had a proper burial till now. This is what happened with Gilad Shalit case. This is what happened in Lebanon too and all the Palestinians know how much Israel values its citizens (or their remains) and thus should never ditch anything for free. It just makes no sense at all, unless the kidnappers were NOT Palestinians.

6) In retaliation, Netanyahu shelled Gaza. Yes, it makes perfect sense. When someone is killed in Hebron, they go all the way to Gaza to make people’s life there more miserable than it already is. Also, there was no evidence that Hamas had anything to do with this. The Israelis played the roles of prosecutors and judges.

7) Operations in the West Bank against Hamas targets. Last time I checked Birzeit University, which was attacked and sacked by the army in retaliation, was never linked to Hamas. Even “This Week in Palestine,” which is the most circulated secular magazine here, and for which I am the content editor, was sacked by the army. Linking the magazine to Hamas is actually so implausible that I’m not sure even the simplest of minds could believe such nonsense.

So what is this all about?

Israel got used to being the bully of the region. They act like those bullies in class who like to be in control and remind all the weaker boys who’s really in charge. I suspect all this fuss of the 3 settlers was an Israeli hoax.

Israel used this to achieve multiple goals:

1) Practice its full control over the West Bank and drive people to the edge of despair and eventually force the youth out.

2) Give a good excuse to the settlers to start a series of terror attacks, confiscate more land and cause more terror. A few days ago, new settlement plans were announced! The settlers have been armed and prepared for years to be ready for this moment. Every Jewish town now raises slogans like: “Hating Arabs is an Added value”, “Arabs are better dead”, “Let’s wipe out Gaza”.

3) Stop Fatah and Hamas reconciliation once and for all.

4) Direct attention towards Arab Israelis (which is evident by the recent events) and plan for a new exodus. This seems to be timed too well with the new ISIS in Iraq and plans for an alternative home for Palestinians in Jordan.

5) Minimize the damage of BDS and other international movements in an attempt to silence Israel critics.

There is nothing more dangerous than the Palestinians who believed, and were even happy, with this hoax. While they are living their own delusions of heroism, Israel is already executing a long-term plan. The torture and horrific killing of Mohammad Abu-Khdeir and everything else we witnessed in the past few days were only the first phase.

* Ahmad Damen is a musician, soundtrack composer and an award-winning film director from Ramallah, Palestine.

  1. Ala Adas says:

    You’ve said it all my friend..
    I might add one point to your article, did anybody do an autopsy for their bodies? This might lead to more suspicious evidences or results.


    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Thank you Ala,

      Yes, I left this one out due to space limit and little knowledge on autopsy :)
      I preferred the arguments to be strong on all the aspects I know of.

  2. farah says:

    Totally agree with u, i also work in media and i can relate to everything u wrote, its a big hoax!

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Thank you Farah, people usually do not know how much media could manipulate any story. We tend to believe the news.

  3. Ahmad Damen says:

    Thank you Ala,

    Yes, I left one out due to space limit and little knowledge on autopsy :)
    I preferred the arguments to be strong on all the aspects I know of.

  4. Logic Man says:

    These were not just any Jewish victims. These were magic victims who’s bodies are a forensic first… 18 days dead in the hot sand and not a single maggot:

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Thank you for such great info Logic Man
      I don’t know if the source could be trusted, I haven’t heard of them before.
      But if this is true this is another great evidence.

      1. Logic Man says:

        The Jerusalem Channel page sourced the chief rabbi of National Pathological Institute. Read his blog entry:

        1. Ahmad Damen says:

          Wow this is really for real!! Thanks for sharing this…

  5. Elad189 says:

    Hi Ahmad,
    I agree with you. Israel killing 3 of its civilians for propaganda purposes sounds very logical. It is a known fact that most if not all of the suicide bombers were trained in Israel and used explosives from the IDF. Hamas activity is actually funded by israeli taxes, and the current firing of rockets from the gaza strip to Israel was organized by the israeli ministry of defence in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the israeli anti missile system, so it could be marketed later on with a successful record. Israel doesn’t want the conflict to end because killing its own civilians is considered to be very important. Israel is currently working very hard to aid Iran in manufactoring the centrifuges needed for its nuclear process, so that the bombing of Israel with a nuclear bomb can happen as soon as possible. Actually, one of Israel’s interests is to make civilians-killing a multinational sport. That’s why Israel started the civil war in Syria and is now negotiating with the devil to resurrect Sadam Hussein, because the Iraqi people haven’t suffered enough.

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      I do not know if what you say is true about Iran because I have nothing to verify if it’s true or not. There is a lot of propaganda when it comes to this subject.

      Regarding Hamas, everybody knows that Hamas was created by Israel. It’s a fact of history that even Hamas officials cannot deny. Regarding the taxes issue, though, I think it’s very likely but I have no proof of that either.

      1. Rami says:

        Ahmad, I believe Elad was making fun of you. His entire comment was made in sarcasm. Of course, unlike in a verbal conversation, the written text can fail to impress this intention.

        1. Ahmad Damen says:

          It’s ok Rami… Even in sarcacism there is truth!

      2. Amr says:

        Hi Ahmad,
        First of All thanks for such article, it agrees with many Arab politicians who have written and raised the same point. from other side, it brought my attention what you had written in one of your replies
        “Regarding Hamas, everybody knows that Hamas was created by Israel. It’s a fact of history that even Hamas officials cannot deny. Regarding the taxes issue”
        from my side, what you had written is out of truth , even it is a crime toward Palestinians who were killed for their dream to have a peace and normal live circumstances. each day Hamas shows their nobles. instead of giving up to our enemy who kills our children.
        hope my words will have sound to be heard
        Take care

        1. Ahmad Damen says:

          Dear Amr,

          I know what i wrote was controversial.

          I don’t intend to say that the current Hamas is Israeli or that the indviduals who are engaging in limited operations against the Israeli Army in Gaza are Israeli either… Not at all.

          But back in the 90s Israel found interest in allowing for Hamas to start in Gaza.

          I hope you understand my intention and read it in context.

          1. AMR says:

            Dear Ahmad,
            Thanks for your response, I have different point view than yours, I was there in 90s’ :)
            Thanks and hope to be in touch

  6. Rick says:

    Sorry but your story doesn’t add up at all. First, it is common for settlers to hitchhike in the West Bank, even when they are close to Palestinian villages but hitchhiking settler-only roads or roads (partly) limited to Palestinians – flagging down Israeli cars, not Palestinian cars, but considering the kidnapping took place at night, it seems a surprise element was definitely part of the game here. Secondly, not all settlers are armed. I completely and utterly oppose the settlements, but the majority of settlers were brought there not because they are gun-yielding religious fanatics, but due to incentives by the Israeli government. Yes, some carry guns; but a lot of them do not. Third, you link to a page suggesting the teens were members of the Israeli army – and using an alleged photo of Naftali Fraenkel to prove it. Problem is: Fraenkel, as well as Gilad Shaer, were only 16, below the Israeli conscription age of 18. Therefore, the claim that they were part of the Israeli army doesn’t stand, and the photo which is provided on the blog you linked to doesn’t seem to me to be a photo of Naftali (I don’t see the resemblance). And besides all that: EVEN if they were conscript soldiers (which, considering their age, they weren’t – but heck, let’s go with your theory), they were traveling as civilians at the time, coming from a yeshiva. Under no circumstances does that permit kidnapping or killing.

    No, not a single Palestinian organization claimed the kidnapping (well, some small ones did, but they weren’t considered credible), and no real evidence was given that Hamas was behind it, as Netanyahu claimed. Definitely true. That doesn’t mean though that it didn’t happen – rogue elements could be responsible as well.

    Agreed that a lot of the raids by the Israeli army after the kidnapping constituted collective punishment, as described by several (Palestinian, Israeli and international) human rights NGOs.

    And finishing: yes, exchanging bodies has happened before, as was the case with Hamas and Hezbollah. Two ‘problems’ though here: first, if the perpetrators were rogue elements or commit the murders without thoroughly being prepared, it may be that they weren’t prepared to leave them alive anyway – too many risks. Secondly, the kidnapping and murders took place in the Occupied West Bank – a different terrain than Gaza or Lebanon (due to complete Israeli control), making it less likely to successfully hide the bodies without being noticed. It may be that they were spooked, freaked out and left – we don’t know. But it doesn’t mean radical Palestinians didn’t do it. We just don’t know what happened exactly that fateful night.

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Hi Ricky

      Thank you for expressing your opinion here, I appreciate it.

      I find some contradictions in your reply/argument:

      First you claim that the kidnapping took place at night and used a surprise element to kidnap not 1 but 3 settlers in what was reported to be a car while hitchiking…. BUT then you say:
      “if the perpetrators were rogue elements or commit the murders without thoroughly being prepared”
      “It may be that they were spooked, freaked out and left”

      That doesn’t make any sense. I mean if they planned that far ahead why would they leave the most important step without planning. Palestinians are not that stupid!

      There is no way the ones who did this are rogue groups or beginners. Again this is Hebron we are talking about and I guess from your writings that you do know Hebron. Anybody who knows Hebron knows the security measures there, especialy in the settlements. It needs a lot of planning and could be only done by an experienced group and more likely an organisation of considerable size at that.

      I’m not gonna argue over what i see in Naftali Fraenkel photo… that’s for the others to see.

      You say:
      “Under no circumstances does that permit kidnapping or killing”
      I didn’t say anywhere whether it was right or wrong! The article is not about the morality of the action. Trying to question the morality here is a change of subject for another article. This is not the way you critique a point of view.

      Actually it’s the fact that they were not performing their duties then in the army that makes it even less likely they were kidnapped by Palestinians. It’s just not the way they usually operate, especially the radical groups.

      You end by saying:
      “But it doesn’t mean radical Palestinians didn’t do it”
      It seems you wrote this already accusing the Palestinians in your mind. Saying that “it doesn’t mean radical Palestinians didn’t do it” is similar to saying: “it doesn’t mean Aliens didn’t do it either”.

      Actually if we look at all the pieces of the puzzle (even the ones I didn’t mention) the official story is definitely a hoax. Now, you can come up with your own suggestions. What I care for is that the official story is not possible.

  7. Bobo says: claimed at the 5/6/2014 that 3 20’s years old boys have been killed in an accident at the south of israel near naqab. If you guys go and search for that information you will not see it there. They removed it. How you going to check really that 3 guys were there in hnn go search through google write “hnn 3 נערים נהרגו ” you will find the post and the one who posted it. Hnn website posts any traffic accident that happens or reported by ambulances or hospitals or media.

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Yes I heard this story from different sources… I guess it could be the case!

  8. Ady says:

    This was my theory from first day, it was all made up,,,
    none of the story made any sense, as (if) the Palestinians done it, they would do it to tread, they would do it to negotiate, not just for the fun of it,
    our duty should be,,,, spread this all over the place for the truth to come out, its not that hard, share it, send it, post it email it Etc.
    thanks guys
    Ady, UK

  9. Ahmad AlRefaie says:

    You’ve said it all Ahmad,
    But I wish if we can have an Arabic translated copy of the article, please inform me if you need a help in this.

    All the best,

    1. Ahmad Damen says:

      Yes Ahmad … I was thinking about that too… where do you think we can publish the Arabic version?

      E-Mail me please to add your contact :)

  10. nadia says:

    Plus was there ever any bodies, this was staged we knew if from day one, show the world their bodies they can’t because it never happened who’s investigating the situation no one but the damn zionists liars!!!

  11. mostafa ziyad says:

    there was some story about the same three teenagers died in a car accident on a road near Eilat in southern israel(occupied palestinian territories),, and their bodies were retained in abu-kabir institution

  12. Giovanni lemongello says:

    This was planned all along. Notice how they arrested and jailed nearly 600 freedom fighters. Okay they neutralized a large segment of opposition. Once they finished that, then they found the “bodies” how convienant. Now they can somehow validate invasion. Throughout this search and seizure I’m thinking, wait a minute I thought the Mossad could find anybody at anytime. All of a sudden they are inept, really? Israel would kill there own mothers to achieve genocide of the Arabs.

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