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A letter to Beyonce from a Palestinian
Friday, February 12, 2016 (34 Comments)

Dear Beyonce,

I watched your Super Bowl performance last Sunday.  I heard your words.  I was excited. Ecstatic. Encouraged. I watched pundits on cable news networks talk about how you were “making a statement.”  Someone even said you were being “unapologetically black.” I loved it.

Much to my surprise, however, your contentious performance at our nation’s biggest sporting event wouldn’t be the most controversial thing you’d do this week.

Yesterday, the Times of Israel reported that you’ll be performing in Tel Aviv in August. Twice. At first, I hoped it was a rumor, perhaps some sort of smear directed at you after your Super Bowl saga. Sadly, it’s all too real.

So, Beyonce, Bey, habibti, I’m asking you not to do it.  Israel doesn’t wear a halo.  She’s a naughty girl. She doesn’t even pay her own bills, bills, bills.  Actually, we Americans do, to the tune of almost $250 billion over the years.  That should make you lose your breath.

I know you’re not doing it for the money.  You’re an independent woman. So I have to ask you:

Beyonce, are you crazy in love with Israel?

Are you crazy in love with a nation that has dispossessed and disenfranchised millions of native Palestinians, illegally settling their land, depriving them of the most basic of political rights, and silencing their narrative?

Are you crazy in love with a nation that has ignored more United Nations Security Council resolutions than any other?

Are you crazy in love with a nation that will let you travel across the world to perform in Tel Aviv, but restricts the movements of millions of Palestinians, through the use of hundreds of checkpoints?

I don’t want to get into the murderous wars in Gaza that have killed thousands of civilians, many of them defenseless children.  But I will tell you that the almost 2 million Palestinians who live there, under a blockade, less than an hour from Tel Aviv, have no hope of coming to see you. Crazy, right?

Are you crazy in love with a nation that has routinely discriminated against black individuals, destroying blood donated by Ethiopian Jews, injecting their women with contraceptives without their consent, and expelling thousands of African asylum-seekers (whom Israel labeled “infiltrators”)?

Are you crazy in love with Israel? Because Angela Davis, Cornel West, & Talib Kweli definitely aren’t.  And you know who else wasn’t?  The one and only Nelson Mandela.  Do you remember how you performed at a benefit concert organized by him back in 2003? Or how Israel staunchly supported the South African apartheid regime?  Or how Israeli leaders skipped his funeral?

Mr. Mandela said a couple things about us:

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”
“My view is that talk of peace remains hollow if Israel continues to occupy Arab lands.”

Well, we’re still not free. And we’re still occupied.

Beyonce, walk with us.  Boycott. Divestment. Sanctions.  Say our name. #BDS.

I’m asking you to stand with us Palestinians, the survivors of efforts to erase us and our narrative from the face of the earth. We are trying to send Israel a message.  The same message the world sent to South Africa.  Actually, I think I know the perfect words to use.  Until it cleans up its act, we should all tell Israel the same thing:

To the left, to the left, everything you own in the box to the left.

A Palestinian

* Amer Zahr is a Palestinian American comedian, writer, professor and speaker living in Dearborn, Michigan. He is also the editor of "The Civil Arab."

  1. Suzan Samaan says:

    Amazing Amer one of your best. I believe the same should be sent to Sprinstien after all he claims to be the progressive one!

  2. Es Bee says:

    This is the most ridiculous drivel ever written. First of all, Amer, you have to check your facts rather than indiscriminately believe all the propaganda you read or hear on Al Jazeera or somehow get from Hamas. It’s the uneducated, brainless dopes like you that will forever cause strife in the mid-east, mainly to the detriment of the very “Palestinians” you purport to support. Perhaps you should do something productive with your time, like go to school and obtain a degree in productive field so that you can give back to humanity rather than incite violence, strife, and hatred.

    1. Omar says:

      U must be a troll. How much are u getting paid to say this.

    2. azam says:

      Es Bee, If Amer’s facts were inacurate , why is that you have failed to come out with the facts?

      1. Curmudgeon says:

        Well, answer these these three three questions and you’ll have some facts that not even the US drive-by and ignore most international stories news media has ignored:

        1. Who shoots missiles first into civilian areas mere days or hours after the Israelis try to have a cessation of hostilities?

        2. Who has intentionally based military units in UN schools?

        3. Who has boarded civilian public transport buses and tried to shoot every civilian on board?

  3. Wow. Powerful, Mr. Zahr. Poetic, even. Continue telling your truth. It will eventually prevail. Blessings to you, habibi!

  4. Bwalya Sørensen says:

    Dont do it Beyonce!!

  5. Corey Multer says:

    You’re a very creative writer. It’s a shame your morals don’t match your creativity, since nearly everything you wrote was a vile collection of half-truths and lies. In the future, please limit your creative writing to lighter topics. This is too serious an issue for your lying propaganda to possibly poison the minds of some unsuspecting reader who isn’t as knowledgable about the situation as I am.

    1. Hadeel says:

      Hi there troll! How much are getting paid for writing this?

      1. Mark Davis says:

        Is everyone you don’t agree with a troll?

  6. Andre from Indonesia says:

    im Cry and Smile in same time.
    When i read this leter..

  7. Dennis Wtight says:

    Your description of Israel is somewhat twisted and not historically correct

  8. Lisa says:

    So full of lies. Shame on you. Get a life.

  9. shirley says:

    I also ask not to do it Beyonce

  10. hmar007 says:

    What’s this “we” Americans? She is a palestinian.

  11. Dyala Husseini says:

    ّI hope Beyonce LISTENS !

  12. azam says:

    Amer. , you should start a compaign on AVAAZ .

  13. Sandgroper says:

    This is such bullshit. “Us Palestinians… survivors of efforts to erase us …from the face of the earth…”
    If that is so, how did 600,000 displaced persons of 1948-9 become 5.5 million so-called “refugees” today? How is it that the health, wealth and living conditions of Arabs in the former Palestine is far better than those of the 100s of millions of Arabs in the neighbouring region?
    Nasty, genocidal Isrsel must be the most incompetent perpetrator of “genocide” that the earth has ever seen.
    Have you been smoking something?

    1. Amer Zahr says:

      you have pinpointed why i used the word “efforts.”

  14. Israel says:

    I am a proud Israeli women ! I have served my country and my grandchildren will do so because of the terrorism .
    What are you taking about ??????????????!
    What facts do you know ?
    were its OK and legitimate to get up in the morning and stab innocent people ?

    1. gureey says:

      Just shut up women you trynna take peoples countrie while god created u without land.jews the only people that doesnt have their own you guys dont know where u belong….

  15. John says:

    Your Muslim terrorists are murdering countless thousands of innocent Christians, Yazidi, & other Muslims in the name of that mass murdering pedophile that you have the audacity to call a prophet of God. Since 1948, over 11 million Muslims have died in violent conflict in the Middle East, over 90% of whom died at the hands of other Muslims, so quit worrying about Israel, because truth told, Muslims over there are their own worst enemy.

  16. Safiya says:

    Really, you want her to take a stand for your battles? Who among you Palestinians even care about what happens to those for whom she made her statement? Stand for your own…carry your own weight…We have to carry ours even from the baggage we have received from mostly all of you in the Middle East.

  17. Jay C says:

    Hey Mrs Beyoncé,
    Go to Tel Aviv! See the Muslims that live in her.
    See how they are proud and free. They go universities, hold positions in the government, are doctors and lawyers, see the truth.
    Then ask your pen pal, what crimes are they talking about other than the fabrications and the lies told to them by their own leaders.
    By the way Beyoncé, if you do happen to visit that side, the so called oppressed side, please make sure to take an army with you, because if they see you walk with another man or alone or dressed the way you do with the beauty of a Nubian princess that the Good G-D has given you, well they’re probably going to kill you and call you a whore: just sayin.

  18. Przem says:

    Please don’t play in a country that murdered 500 Palestinian children

    1. Charles Ayres says:

      You mean the children that were being used as human shields by the goat lovers Hamas?

  19. G Ireland says:

    Amer Zahr: All that muslim inbreeding must have cost you double digit IQ points…I would suggest that you actually study history and discover who occupied Palestine 2000 years ago….and where jews actually originated…You, sir…are an idiot…

    1. Amer Zahr says:

      cool, so you are admitting that native palestinians are the descendants of the jewish tribes of israel? i couldn’t agree more!

  20. Judith Bailey says:

    He has no idea what he is talking about. He is just spewing hatred.

    1. laura burkhart says:


  21. laura burkhart says:

    Amer Zahr, I feel sorry for you. You have deceived yourself. BDS is a joke, and you thinking children are hurt, when your rockets come from your homes, schools, UN hospitals, and when l warns of a strike HAMAS sends your precious children and women to the roof tops. You are empty of compassion, and you fill this article w/propaganda!

  22. Noora says:

    Jews wans all muslims gone –
    Muslims just want to live in peace

    Beyonce can do what she wants its better for muslims not to listen to music anyway and listen to quran :-)

    Peace to the world filled with love

  23. Maria says:


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