Nikki Haley: Not confused? Possibly Delusional

Every time I hear Nikki Haley’s voice, something happens. Even as a psych student, I am not sure that I can explain it. It kind of feels like a Minotaur lives inside me and awakens in screams at the sound of her voice. I’m pretty sure it’s not normal, but then neither is Nikki Haley. Her revolting assessment of the situation in the Middle East, and her comments about Palestinians (or shall I say, lack of comments) does nothing but affirm the bias this administration has against Palestine and its people. Time and again, she has shown a complete lack of regard for Palestinian life.

Just this past week, she had the audacity to accuse Russia, the same country that allegedly helped her main squeeze get elected, of having “the blood of Syrian children on their hands.” Now, I am NOT defending Russia, nor am I minimizing the stolen lives of Syrian children, but I AM calling bullshit on this administration’s patronizing condescension for human life.

Over 30 Palestinian protestors have been murdered in cold blood by the IOF, and Ms. Haley and friends remained silent. Even after viral videos of snipers gunning down unarmed civilians, and IOF soldiers cheering after their kill as if they were hunting, there was not one utterance of dismay from anyone in the current administration.

They paralyzed a Palestinian soccer player, and killed a journalist wearing a vest marked ‘PRESS.’ The IOF and all its arrogance to tweet that the shots were “accurate and measured.” Sounds like assassination, but not to Nikki Haley and the rest of the clowns in the Trump circus. Those freaks vetoed the United Nations call for an investigation into the murders of Palestinians-twice!
I am not sure why I am so surprised, Nikki Haley was proud to admit to AIPAC at their conference that the US ensured that when a Palestinian was nominated for the “highest position that had ever been given at the UN,” they said, “no,” and “had them booted out again.” Does that not prove a bias?

Perhaps what is so infuriating is the fabricated image that Nikki Haley has portrayed. She is a “Haley,” by marriage. Her name is Nimrata Randhawa-she is Asian Indian. Her parents migrated from Punjab, India. She was raised as a Sikh. She’s not some lily-white southern belle, she’s a whitewashed Indian who converted to Christianity. And clearly, she’s not good at protecting Christianity either considering how she has treated the people from the very place that Christ was born!

Nimrata is a fraud, like the rest of this administration and her pathetic attempt to pacify the masses with her pretend sensitivities are insulting. And for the record, if your name is Nimrata and you’re a child of an immigrant and you act like you are a southern belle, you’re confused. Or delusional.

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Shirin Zarqa-Lederman was raised in NJ by her Palestinian Muslim parents and later married her Russian Jewish husband. Together they have five interethnic children who experience the traditional customs of both cultures with their extended interethnic relatives. Shirin is also Licensed Professional Counselor, focusing on Child & Adolescent Psychology, and has written her own children’s picture book series, "The Trotters of Tweeville," which is focused on demonstrating kindness to children. The series is available wherever books are sold.


  1. Exactly! Perfectly said.

    She has Stockholm Syndrome imho.

    Some people of colour in the States (especially nut brown girls of my colour & features who don’t fit the pale Euro beauty construct) try desperately to gain approval & fit in vs facing the pain & growing from it.

    In her case that means throwing other brown South Asians such as Palestinians under the wheels; in order to prove her allegiance.

    I experience the same sense of discordance when I hear her speak. It’s also funny that her last name is such a popular first name for a girl amongst the people she has joined (military) arms with.

    • *There is also the U.S. Gov support of the Saudi Gov – who are murdering Yemeni civilians in massive numbers (inc the most recent massacre of a bride & 20 members of her wedding party) & causing mass starvation & disease in Yemen.

    • *I take back my description of ‘brown’ for her; as I have just looked at some photos of her online. (I ditched my tv a few years ago & had not seen many photos or videos of her online).

      This used to be called ‘passing’ & is now called ‘white coded’ looks. Some of us don’t have this game board option even if we wanted to play it. (Which I would not).

  2. WASPier than thou Nikki Haley/Nimrata Randhawa is all over the planet waves today blaming the 50+ Palestinians shot to death & 100+ injured for shooting/murdering/wounding themselves.

    This shows a profound lack of faith in the judgement spoken of in the Book she says she honours. So she is also a traitor to her professed faith.

  3. Nikki Haley is truly fascist. This is not an exaggeration.
    “In a Time of Universal Deceit — Telling the Truth Is a Revolutionary Act”
    Orwell was spot on.
    The days are upon us in America when speaking truth could send us to prison or worse.
    It is already illegal in the House of Rothschild to commemorate the Nakba.

  4. This whole article is completely bias and a lie. But what would I expect from a bunch of Obama Liberals. Nikki Haley is a patriot. It is her job to speak to the United Nations day in and day out. It is a hostile environment, especially when she addresses the ‘all-boys-club’ Arabs. The bias directed at her is overwhelming and yet Ms. Haley is not intimidated by the little minds that attempt to taunt her. I am proud to have a patriot speaking on my behalf in the United Nations. Nikki Haley is a true American.

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