Ten things you need to know about Arabs

Whoever coined the term “Ignorance is bliss” is an absolute idiot. Ignorance is not bliss. In fact, ignorance leads to misunderstanding. Misunderstanding leads to fear. Fear leads to bias and hate. So I am here to present to the American public the top 10 things that Arabs want non-Arabs to know about them. If you remember these, then Arabs will not look at you as a “Dumb American.”

1. Not all of us are Muslim

As an Arab Christian myself, I wish I had a nickel for every time I heard, “When did you convert?” I would be a very rich man. About 10% of the Arab population is Christian. Yes, we are a minority, but we are still there and have been Christians for 2,000 years. I’m not sure how good the average American is at geography, but Jesus is from the Middle East!

2. Falafel, Hummus, and Shawarma are Arabic foods, NOT Israeli foods.

A couple of months ago, I was talking with an American girl about Middle Eastern food. She told me that she loves falafel and she used to eat it a lot because she has Israeli friends. Please, do not ever say that to an Arab. Israel was created in 1948, and I can say with complete certainty that we have been eating hummus for much longer than that.

3. Arabs and Jews HAVE NOT been fighting for thousands of years

Arabs and Jews have been fighting since only 1948, when Israel was created. In fact, Jews left Europe to the Middle East because Arabs historically treated Jews better than Europeans did. Jews are Semitic people, and so are Arabs. We are actually closer to each other than Europeans.

4. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other Islamic militant groups DO NOT reflect the views of all Muslims

Yes, you see these guys on the news all the time. But they are huge minorities and not popular at all. The Middle East is much more secular than you would think. In an American equivalent, it would be like the Westboro Baptist Church serving as a reflection on all Christians.

5. Smoking hookah is nothing new

Hookah is the new thing. Hookah bars are everywhere near college campuses, and its popularity among our youth grows by the day. But from our perspective, you’re a little late to the party. I don’t remember the last time I went to a family function and there was no hookah lit up and ready to go. If you are fortunate enough to smoke hookah with an Arab, be prepared for the licorice-tasting goodness that is Double Apple flavor.

6. When I say that I am from Palestine, that doesn’t mean Pakistan, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean Israel

If you really want to make a Palestinian mad, just ask if he is from Israel. Your result will not end happily, I can assure you that. And it is Palestine. Not Pakistan. Please know that we aren’t the same thing.

7. There’s a right way to say “Iraq”

We aren’t asking for you to use the hard beginning and ending that the word “Iraq” has in it. Just remember, it is “E-rock” rather than “I-rack.”

8. Persians aren’t Arabs

Persians hate this too. We are completely different people. We come from completely different backgrounds. Yes, we have the same skin tone and are ridiculously hairy, but we are not the same. We speak Arabic, and Persians speak Farsi. They might sound the same, but they aren’t even close. And, to be honest, Persians have the better kabob (sorry Arabs).

9. “Lebanese food” is Arabic food

If you have a Lebanese friend, you know exactly what I’m talking about. “Traditional Lebanese food” includes hummus, tabbouleh, and kibbeh nayyeh (yeah, it’s raw meat). But this food isn’t specifically Lebanese. We all eat that food. Don’t let them fool you when they say “Lebanese food,” because that is just a cover for Arabic food.

10. We love to party

Forget Vegas. If you want to go party, go to Dubai, Beirut, Sharm el Sheikh, or Amman. I promise that you will have the time of your life. Don’t believe me? If you have an Arab friend, just wait until they get married. Arab weddings might be the best parties that you will ever go to. If you don’t have an Arab friend, just crash an Arab wedding. There will be so many people there that they probably won’t notice you.

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Sami Oudeh is a Palestinian American graduate of the University of Kentucky. He is a sports nut and lives in Lexington, Kentucky.


    • Thanks Hussein for this lovely article.
      BTW I have something to say about it:
      To describe ISIS & Al-Qaeda as an Islamic groups this is totally wrong cause these groups were created by the dominant forces in the world to support Israel in destructing the Islamic world & keep Israel standing there.
      Of course Islam reject terror & militancy, but unfortunately we can find some minor categories attribute themselves to Islam & they represent Muslims in the front of the whole world. The world only knows these minor people but don’t know real Muslims.

    • Well is complitly lieS arabs and jewish “Arabs and Jews HAVE NOT been fighting for thousands of years” u right when one side masscare the other you cant call it “fighthing”cuz that what the arabs did to the jewish people BEFORE 1948! 1948 is just exsuce for the so called “palies” blow themself in Restaurants, buses clubs who full with innocent jewish
      PS -there is no palestine never existied never will be!
      ur saudians immegrates ansd not all of jeewih came from europe some of them from north africa and asia also(lands that islam occupation)and talk with them about how muslims arabs “respect” the christians “arabs” in the middle east aspecialy In egypt and Bethlehem( christian historical city in “”””palestine””””)comapre it with the christians and muslims under the israeli state rulles and figure out the truth

      • Seriously?..
        Since when did Arabs slaughter Jews before 1948??
        And where did you hear that there was never a palestine? Even in the bible its called ‘palestine-the holy land’ not ‘israel-the holy land’.
        So please, next time before you posy any nonsense go and inform yourself.

        And personal advice from me, never go full retard. Thanks.

      • You can barely spell, so you’re comment therefore is extremely indecipherable. Before you start poor and biased arguments, get your facts straight and learn how to spell. Plus the Israelis have been oppressing Palestinians. Remember the massacre at the Palestinian REFUGEE CAMP in 1982 on Lebanese soil? Oh no, you haven’t, because you didn’t even bother to scratch the surface of what these poor people have been going through, you only take sides, without doing any research. People need to realize that Palestinians or Arabs in general, are scapegoats of this century, and that needs to end. You sir, are a part of what’s actually wrong with the world, I pray for you to end your ignorance. 🙏🙏🙏

    • Hahahahaha absolutely, may I add that it does snow in the Middle East and that we break long summer days by sleeping for 2 hours at noon, and in summer we sleep on the flat roofs under starry magical skies, also socializing starts close to sunset in the evening and doesn’t stop hahahaha, and yes we drink alcohol like it’s nobody’s business.

  1. All correct except the Lebanese part. Each country has a diff Version of the food and if u have family from all the different countries that I have u will see a huge diff.

    • george, i’m from northern palestine… and the food my mom cooks is exactly the same as the food that is normally coined “lebanese.” it might be somewhat regional, but it has nothing to do with current day borders. there is no lebanese monopoly on tabbouli lol

    • George, it was the other way around, southern lebanon was at one point part of Palestine. And both Palestine and Lebanon were at one point part of Syria. Lebanon has always been part Syria or Palestine actually depending on which part one is talking about. Not even the pride of ultra nationalistic lebanese ie Phoenicia covered all the cities that are part of lebanon today. And there are by far more lebanese who are of Palestinian descent than the other way around. Families with palestinian city names such as nabulsi, ghazzaoui, akkawi, safadi, maqdassi etc have that name for a reason, not to mention the many others who have regular last names. As for food, Tabbouli is syrian, not lebanese, who are you kidding here? Lol. And hommos is Palestinian, so is the falafel (chickpea version), while the bean version is egyptian. Kibbeh is syrian and i can go on and on really. Lebanese need to stop this ultra nationalism, it’s not cute. Relax, its ok not to worship a nationality, there is more to life than nationalistic pride.

  2. I never mentioned tabouli, u did so in other words u already know. The real true tabouli is lebanese and since u live in Northern Palestine congratulations you might actually be Lebanese since our borders were stolen years back. Lol sorry real tabouli doesn’t have cucumbers just doesn’t make sense. Sorry much love though. Hey I’ll give u Cumin tho that’s allllll u. Hahaha

  3. Thank you for making the first point. I am part of the 10% minority that is Christian. I did not convert, but was born into Christianity. Also, you failed to mention that there are also Arab Jews and Caldeans who don’t speak Arabic and speak Aramaic. And some Egyptians who are practice the Coptic Orthodox religion.

    But a HUGE pet peeve of mine is when people say that middle eastern food is “Arabic” food. Or that we as an ethnicity are Arabic rather than Middle Eastern. For everyone’s information, Arabic is a
    language and not a race, or type of food.

    Also, for the sake of clarity for your audience, I highly encourage you to research the term “Arab”. Once you research the etimology of the word “Arab” you’ll come to realize that the phrase, “Middle Eastern” is more suitable and appropriate.

    • christina, arab is a culture, not simply a language. “middle eastern” is a term coined by white people from britain to describe our region. people who live in that region never use the term “middle east” in arabic. assaf is an arabic name, like the winner of arab idol, mohammad assaf.

      the food is arabic food, not middle eastern. middle eastern is a colonial term. ask someone in arabic what they say. they never say “middle eastern.” we call our bread “arabic bread.” not “middle eastern” bread. our coffee is “arabic coffee” not “middle eastern” coffee.”

      get over yourself. don’t try so hard to deny your arabness with the white world.

      • Amer, here in Australia the flat bread of the “Middle East” is sold as Lebanese Bread in English, just because so many of the Arabs here are Lebanese, but labelled “Khubz” in Arabic. Incidentally a story about Khubz: Some years ago a group visiting Syria settled in to the place where they were staying then two of them went out to buy some khubz. On the way they passed an old lady sitting in front of her house and she asked them where they were going. They said they were going to buy khubz. She said,”Innaa lillaahi wa innaa ilaihi raajiuun! Are they SELLING khubz now?” Because when she was younger khubz wasn’t sold to visitors. It was given.

      • Calling something Arabic doesn’t make it Arabic, best we stick to the facts rather than try to change the origin of things as Arab nationalists have been attempting to do for decades.

      • such a great article , it’s so unfortunate that many people try to deny their arabness ! what is lebanese language ? what is the egyptian language ?
        actually it’s true that arabs may not have the same origins , and it’s not like that most arabs descended from the same origins and came from Arabin tribes .. it’s not that at all , but at the same time this is due to many minorities and majorities who were living in leavant , egypt , morocco who kinda dissolved with arabs in the same place , so these no longer exist and a totaly new body was born … actually except the amazegh . most egyptians are copts , not only the the christian egyptions .. copts(egyptians) are still arabs … its not practical for an arab to search his origins till he reaches an arab tribe in Arabia … so sorry christina assaf , u r an arab , if u don’t like it because u will look less western than ur first name indicate ,,, trust me racist westerns will still hate u .
        this is y an arab is every citizen from an arab country who speaks arabic as a first language and who curries the arab burdens and sorrows …

        • In Ireland and Scotland people speak English, that doesn’t make them English people. Most Arabized populations have a lot of fabricated Arab origins, the reality is they descend primarily from the indigenous peoples from their regions with input from peoples and empires that ruled them over the centuries.

    • Arab (Mizrahi) Jews were expelled after 1948/1967 and are today effectively extinct in the Arab world. Israel’s last two army chiefs of staff (Eisenkot and Ashkenazi) were Mizrahi. My childhood rabbi was born in Iraq and believed that Israel was entitled to do whatever it had to do to defend itself against the barbarism his family endured.

  4. Northen Palestinians cook like Lebanese, I know that cause that’s my mom’s food, and it’s a known fact, it’s the proximity, we even talk like them.

    • Suzette, are you george in disguise lol? So which part do you talk as? Beiruti, tripolian, saidawi or what?. Logically it would be southern village lebanese since its they who border northern Palestine but i have never heard a northern Palestinian speak like that lol. The urban northern Palestinians speak just like the people of the urban palestinians from the westbank such as ramallah or thjose in jerusalem and central palestine with the exception of some slang words that have nothing to do with lebanese nonsence. While the northern villages have more similarities in speach with villages from the rest of Palestine depending on if they are regular farmers or bedouins. All in all, you can tell that it is a Palestinian accent regardless of which area of Palestine one is from. If george needs to listen to examples then rim banna, mahmoud darwish, amal marcus, shafiq kabha, hanin zoabi, Safa Nahwa, etc are some northern palestiniansn that one can listen to, neither of them have any sort of lebanese accent. Im northern as well. Lebanese just like to put their name on anything, leave us alone looool.

  5. Hi nice post overall have to agree with a lot of it but a couple comments I have to make,

    First, number 3, “Jews are Semitic people, and so are Arabs. We are actually closer to each other than Europeans.”

    Semitic is a linguistic group not a racial grouping, Jew is a cultural linguistic term grouping various ethnic groups, and Arab is a cultural linguistic term encompassing many ethnic groups. European is broad geographic term encompassing many different groups. For example, a Cypriot Christian “European” is far more closely related to a Lebanese Christian than to an Ashkenazi Jew from Germany. A Mizrahi Jew from Iraq would generally be closer related to a Iraqi Muslim or Christian than to a Ethiopian Jew.

    Second, number 9, “Arabic food”

    Many foods that existed in Palestine, Lebanon, or other Middle Eastern countries existed far before any mention of Arabs or Arabic. Other foods were adopted from various peoples and empires who ruled them, let’s take Palestine for example, Canaanites, Jebusites, Philistines, Anatolian, Lydians, Hebrews, Amorites, Edomites, Nabataeans, Arameans, Romans, Arabs, English, Franks, Turks, all called Palestine home at some point. Empires left their traditions behind to Palestinians and some stuck and became parts of Palestinian cuisine or culture.

    Chickpeas were eaten in various ways throughout the Mediterranean for thousands of years but Hummus has it’s origins in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Abbasid Arab caliphate.

    Tabbouleh has it’s origins in ancient Lebanon and Syria, predating Arab rule in the region.

    Kibbeh has it’s origin in the Eastern Mediterranean and predated Arab rule in the region as well.

    Stuffed grape leaves have their origin in the ancient Mediterranean by varying non-Arab ethnic groups.

    There are others as well,

    Point is, it’s best to call these foods by their country of origin or geographic origin such as Levantine, Eastern Mediterranean, or Middle Eastern. If you are eating Palestinian Kanafeh you are eating Palestinian food which is Levantine in origin (Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan). Calling it Arabic food doesn’t make much sense unless their origin was by ethnic Arabs specifically or in Arabia, which they weren’t.

  6. Very cool, I don’t believe in ignorance is bliss either. I really enjoy learning about other cultures. I don’t like to judge people before I know them, you could be black, white, dark skinned, blue or purple with pink poka dots, if you’re nice to be I’ll be nice to you.

  7. YES!!! and I think there is more than 10% Christians in the Arab world and I always say this JESUS wasn’t and isn’t blonde with blue eyes nor black! Also not all Muslims are Arabs Oo

    • There is such things as Palestinian. ..Bone head???
      I’m a Breathing Palestinian, Lebanese .
      Any other Questions?
      BTW I’m Orthodox Christian 1st General Living in The USA ✌???

  8. Middle Eastern food is different within the same country but if Lebanese feel happier to tag Tabouleh under their name …let is be.
    In the end all these countries were part of the Great Syria (belad Al sham) so racies , food ,cultures are similar

  9. Middle Eastern food is different within the same country but if Lebanese feel happier to tag Tabouleh under their name …let it be.
    In the end all these countries were part of the Great Syria (belad Al sham) so racies , food ,cultures are similar

  10. FYI – Hookah is not an Arab thing. It came from either Iran or the Indian sub-contitnent depending on which historical reference you agree with.

  11. I’ve been attending belly dance shows for years, as many as 3 or 4 a week, and many of them are performed in Lebanese restaurants. I’ve heard many of the same comments form the musicians and dancers. Interesting article. Thanks.

  12. Egyptian, Lebanese and Iraqi are not Arab anthropologically, they speak Arabic and their dialect are based on their older language.
    Egyptian’s Arabic is based on Coptic which is based on Demotic
    Lebanese Arabic is based on Aramaic
    Iraqi Arabic is based on Assyrian

  13. I enjoyed the article. I knew most of this but I love learning about different cultures and that is why I stopped. Thanks for the article.

  14. But…hummus is Lebanese. Yes, we all eat the same first but we do have items that originated here. Like we all eat maklouba, but it’s Palestinian.

  15. To say that there is no such thing as Palestinian ya Mohamad ink makes you look like the ignorant fool. And NO it does NOT make Christian Arabs anti Jewish! And even if they were, So what??

    No Palestinians didn’t steal any land from Lebanon as the other idiot said! Where the hell are you fools getting your education from? Zionists in disguise maybe?? Ro7o intazzo!

  16. ok let me remind you that the profit Muhammad is decedent from an Arab tribe, and his root is Abraham which he came from Iraq! so the real trace of Arabs is from Iraq! the Semitic blood is originally came from Iraq!

  17. Just because something is from Palestine doesn’t mean it will always be the same. I cook khaleeli style, but that is different from what my ghazawi friend uses.

    Btw I’m not palestinian, I’m just married to a khaleeli. I’ll take your condolences now ;P just kidding.

  18. It is comedy to say the least regarding how some try to frame the regional differences and how some try to monopolize certain foods or customs as though they only existed in their respective lands. Yes today most of us are Arabized and seek to find what we have in common as opposed to what separates us. Christina made some valid points but I don’t agree with everything. Arab has become a term for people that utilize Arabic as their first language. How many actually originated in Arabian peninsula is another matter. The term Semitic is not a linguistic classification but those who claim to descend from Sham(Sem) son of Noah. We as a region are an Arabized people and proudly so. First of all Lebanon came out of Canaan and the Phoenicians which not what they called themselves were actually a cannaite tribe that moved north. Another aspect that many seem to forget is civilizations flourished because of trade. We shared, borrowed and worked with each other. At times some conquered others and also were conquered themselves. Many of the early tribes were nomadic and most of the successful conquerors in history were nomads. Arab and Jew is not separate as there are many Arab Jews. There are regional delicacy. Muhammad saying there is no Palestine tells me he has no idea what he talking about. Maybe he should research where the term Palestine comes from. In fact we can have a discussion on why each nation is named what it is. The many Empires that entered Palestine were also influenced by the land they encountered very much in the same way they are today. Most of the ancient Jews are no longer Jews at least the ones that survived the destruction of the second temple. My family is an ancient Jewish family today we are Muslim.

  19. Remembered that Lebanon was Syria many years ago. My Grandmother was born in Syria.The part of Syria which is now known as Lebanon. So remember is not Arabic food nor Lebanese food but in reality it is Syrian food.

    • Precisely my point, the best term for the food is it’s region of origin, Syria was the name for the Levant during the ottoman period. The Levant was the place of origin for many of these foods, not Arabia, they are Levantine foods, not Arabian.

  20. Um, to those that say Arab is not a “race”, explain Saudi ARABIA, where my Husband proudly declares himself as ARAB. Egyptians are not Arab, not the pure Egyptians at least. Israelis are actually mixed between African (the Ethiopian Jews), European, and Arabic (Yemeni Jews). Those are the main mixes of Israelis, there are some Americans thrown in for shits and giggles.

    • Arab is not a race, there are only 3 races (arguably 4) every ethnic group is either one of those or a mixture. Arab is an ethnic group, from the Arabian peninsula. Egyptians, like Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians, are Arabized indigenous peoples of their respective regions, not ethnically Arabs.

      Israelis are by in large Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews. Ashkenazi Jews are of mixed east mediterranean and central european ancestry, Mizrahi Jews predominately eastern Mediterranean and are very closely related to other East Mediterranean and Levant populations.

    • Americans are only good at one thing: separating nations… why? because they are new nations… They have always made fun of the Russians.. they tried to make many propagandas on stallin and Lenin and the soviet union… Americans have always made fun of Germans, and until today, Germany and Austria cannot do anything against the American wishes because I they do so, they will be immediately called: “NAZIS”.. America likes Bad news, that’s how they sell the newspapers everyday, If they talk about good news, they won’t sell the papers… they always make fun of what they don’t have, ie. cuisine, cook books, culture, arts, even politics… i’ll give you an example: the European Union consists of countries with divese cultures, name it, east European countries, Nordic, Slavic, Balkans, west Europe,, etc… If people talk about how Gulash is cooked in Bulgaria or in Slowakia, this doesn’t mean England and paris are not part of the European Union! Why not discuss Scottish bisuits? English tarts? apple pies? what about the difference between swiss and Belgian chocolates? the difference between Italian and French wine? the difference between the orthodox church and the evangelic church? why don’t the orthodox have organs in their churches?! that’s why people study cultures.. but americans have no culture off their own.. so they definitely feel shocked when they see arabs arguing about the origins of tabouleh, hummus and falafel… Egypt was once upon a time the country which all philosophers used to travel to. They would learn mathematics, philosophy and geometry from there.. go read about Pythagoras and his journey to Egypt… Damascus has the oldest university in the world… its destroyed now.. old buildings in Damascus are destroyed… temples and architechture and designs.. This is what America wants, to destroy our deep culture and history, because they want to make fun of us later and say: you have no culture!

    • The OP himself demonstrates why there is no peace in the Middle East. Sunni Arabs think they should have 100% of the power and everyone else should have none. They are barbarians who want to pretend they invented everything they stole from cultures now marginalized in the regions to which they are native.

      For this reason, Arabs hate Persians, Jews and Lebanese, while being mired in their own violent, backward, racist behavior. That is why there is no peace in the region. And it is due to that backwardness and inferiority complex that Arabs try to blame everything, up to and including the weather, on kaffirs.

  21. It was called levant or belad al sham.it was one country till the occuption devided it.

    Also what the hell with the dumb people posting here?no palestine?mohamad decendent was from iraq? How dumb are you or you just read wikis and learn from fake knowledge?

  22. Not to sound like a troll but:

    Pretty generic list. Plus the whole “we like to party” shtick only applies to the urban young adults. The majority of Arabs are still illiterate as shit, still mega conservative, obese, and have bullshit human development index.

    There is no elecricity in Lebanon. Or Egypt.

    Far7aneen bil 7ommos? That means fuck all in the world of progress.

  23. I love how even in the comments arabs are fighting on what’s Palestinian and what’s Lebanese. Also. Dubai is not is a gulf country. Egypt is in Africa. Not everyone who speaks arabic is an arab just as not how everyone who speaks English is British. Tabouleh is definitely a Lebanese thing. If you grew up in the region and have had friends from all over the world, u’d know that there isn’t a single other household that traditionally serves tabouleh. Fatteh is universal though..so there, we have some love in common

    • MissD, thats wrong. Syrians eat tabbouli as if its water, why? Because tabbouli is syrian. It existed long before anyone even called themselves lebanese.

      • Tabbouleh and it’s variants have their origin in the eastern Mediterranean region known as the Levant by indigenous levantine peoples predating Arab rule. There are variants based on areas of origin such as Syria, Lebanon, and Palestine.

    all the food you mentioned are SYRIAN food not Arabic food .
    Lebanon Palastine and portions of Jordan, Iraq, and Turky were part of the Syrian empire .whoever wrote this article is as dumb as that “dumb American” .even worse they dont know their own history.please stop faking history

  25. Correction:
    Palestinians and Jews are the dame people. Both are descendants of the ancient Hebrews. Palestinians are the ones who became Christian while the other remained Jewish.

  26. I love the Arab food , the wonderful Arab people and the kindness and hospitality they offer is incredible. I’m an American but my family are kuwaiti’s . My first trip to Kuwait I was preparing to leave for the airport and my daughters friend came with gold earrings, which I still have and each visit there she makes sure you are entertained royally. I love the Arab people for all that they are and if you know them the respect and love they show you will find nowhere else.

  27. Amer,

    How you been old friend? I really like this article, I’m particularly fond of the first item. It is amazing for ignorant some arrogant American Christians are and how oblivious they are the fact that I’m from Bethlehem. The response I get is “where is that” well I say “Where was Christ born, the response is always the same either “Jerusalem or Israel” WOW imagine my reactions. I have even received this response from a Pastor. I have to just walk away. I’m sure a lot of people get the same response. Anyway, I just had to share that with you. Once again I appreciate the equality that you demonstrate in your articles (Like item 4). I’m looking forward to the next article. Thank You.

  28. It is funny yet very sad to read all these comments where you guys are all arguing with each other about food mostly. Wow is this the level of education arabs have??
    Why dont you share with us some importannt scientists or writers or researchers you all have wether Lebanese or Palestinian or Syrian or any other names you had mentioned above. Let the world respect you for who you are and not for your Hummus or Tabbouli or even the Hookah!!!

  29. I didn’t know whether i should laugh or cry while reading the comments!!! Is this what became of us!! Which food is from where?!! GOD!!!! I mean who the hell cares!!! In the end it’s an Arabic food!! Whether Syria, Lebanon or Palestine or any other country!!!!! In the end we are Arabs!!! And to those who says bullshit about palestine… palestenians originated from kanaani people who are ARABS!! That is why why it was called at some point kanaan….and to whom says the lord made Isreal… no dear u r wrong… it was made by Britain!!! Ever heard of bulfor the prime minister of Britian in 1917 or 1918.. yeah he was the one who promised the jews of their promise land… and FYI.. jews were the reason of Jesus Christ being killed.. dah

  30. Who the hell confuses Pakistan and Palestine? The only obvious similarity between these two countries is, both are being bombed by the same enemy since both are fierce opponents of oppression.

  31. Haha this was just great to read :D

    P.s you and yout whole family can crash an arab wedding and will still go unnoticed due to the absurd amount of people present :)

  32. It’s a great article. What’s important is number 4 and the general lesson of the article not the exact history of every detail. Lots of people in the world don’t know any Arabs or any Muslims. All they hear about is the terrorists so they make assumptions. Articles like this are important good news.

  33. You all fight over stupid things. I am Algerian and hate being labeled Arab because so many of you act ignorant for the world to see, as you are on here now fighting over dumb things. Who gives a shit where the food came from? If it taste good then eat it.

    • Claiming the food as Arabic when it is clearly not Arab in origin is wrong, you don’t see Americans claiming Tacos as American food just because we make it them here, that would be silly.

  34. “Arab weddings might be the best parties that you will ever go to”…Ummmm….I think the only case in which this sentence would be true is that you were an arab elderly.

  35. Im Palestinian, arab and CHRISTIAN. Im very proud Of my religion and heritage. Sometimes when I discus with people and they say ‘you cant be arabic because you are christian’ I feel sad and tell them that Isent TRUE and that they need to read more about our story.

  36. 1. He should be more descriptive. Arabs have not been Christian for 2000 years; but Levantines, Coptics, Armenians, and Assyrians have. I have even seen comments on the Internet by Zionist-Jews and evangelist Zionist-Christians saying that “Arab-Christians” should go back to Arabia just like the Muslims, and stay out of the Holy Land. Maybe there wouldn’t be this racist misunderstanding in the first place if some pan-Arabist Levantine-Christians weren’t using the wrong terms in the first place.

    2. It’s annoying to see Arabs pissed about Israeli food because: a) Mizrahi/Sephardic cuisine is very similar to Levantine-Arab food, b) many of these foods native to the Levant for centuries since before Arabization/Islamicization, c) you can find pomegranates, nuts, dates, chick peas, lamb, etc, mentioned in the Old Testament at various feasts, d) nobody in the last half a century has tried to claim Ashkenazi food is the exact same or even similar to Levantine-Arab food or even Ancient-Israelite food, everybody knows it’s the kosher version of Central/East Euro food, and nobody would believe otherwise.

    3. No shit Sherlock, Palestinian and Israelis have been fighting for only half a century. Doesn’t change the fact that Muslim hatred and oppression of Jewish and Christian native minorities of the Middle East has a 1400 year history.

    4. I hate when Levantine-Christians feel the need to stick up for Muslims. What a joke. That’s called uncle tom/dhimmi behavior. That reminds me of people I know defending Hamas in the recent war, I was appalled.

    5. Nobody should care about hookah. It’s gross and unhealthy.

    6. Nobody thinks the words Palestine and Pakistan sound the same. That joke is way overdone. Even by Arabs. And at this point I don’t care anymore if someone says “don’t you mean Israel” when making small talk with strangers. At least the geographical terms are still correct(i.e. some people are dumb enough to think Palestine is the same as Jordan, or even worse, the same as Saudi Arabia.)

    7. Lol. Only rednecks say “I-rack”. Every other regular American, no matter who they are, pronounces Iraq correctly.

    8. Okay?! Many Persian diaspora is secular just like us, so what’s the big deal. This guy is too Arabist.

    9. There is no “Arabic food”. Moroccan food is completely different from Lebanese food which in turn is completely different from Qatari(random examples). Even my Egyptian friend recently was telling me how Egyptian food is completely different from Lebanese food.

    One of things Israelis use against us is they say that there is no Palestinian culture because Palestinians say “Arab this” and “Arab that” about everything. Well sometimes I feel they are right because every Palestinian I know says “Arab food” “Arab culture” and so on when talking about Palestine. I don’t understand why they would talk like this when Israelis are using it against them. Sometimes I will try to explain it to them and they’re all like “Why do I care?!”

    Also, I bet this guy who wrote the article is one of those very few Palestinian-Christians brainwashed by Palestinian-Muslims into hating Lebanon; or else he wouldn’t have specifically singled out the Lebanese. Everybody knows Palestinian-Muslims are hated and thought of as trashy in Lebanon because of the refugees and the Maronites don’t want their demographics threatened anymore than they already are. But the Maronite elite of Lebanon doesn’t see Palestinian-Christians as any different to them and they were given citizenship. There’s this Palestinian-Muslim guy on another forum who obsessively hates Lebanon(specifically the Maronites) and tries to convince me I’m a traitor and sellout to the Palestinian people for saying that LC and PC see each other as the same and don’t feel that culturally related to the Muslims.

    10. Okay?! Everybody likes to party.

    • I have to respond to this “Fairy” person.
      Fairy is probably a troll pretending to be a Lebanese Christian.
      OR Fairy could be a very prejudice and bigoted Maronite.

      But I’m pretty sure Fairy is a Israeli or zionist troll. Maronites don’t give a crap about Hamas and don’t see them as any threat, red flag1. And red flag 2, Maronites don’t consider Israeli jews to be a persecuted minority group, considering that they took all of Palestine and are backed militarily and financially by the world’s most powerful country, and they can pretty much destroy Lebanon completely if they were allowed to. Not 1% of Lebanon likes Israel.

      But Maronites did commit the sabra and shatila massacre and some of them do have a disgusting hatred for Palestinians. But so do a lot of other arabs, muslim and christian alike. But let me educate “fairy” on this:

      1. Palestinian muslims and christians are the same people. Palestinian muslims’ ancestors converted to Islam after Islam came to Palestine. Palestinian christians chose to remain christians.

      2. Palestinian muslims and christians, in addition to Jordanian muslims and christians, see themselves as brothers. They won’t sell out to their Palestinian brothers and sisters because of religion. They both get displaced, ethnically cleansed, murdered, and occupied by Israel. They won’t play your game.

      Mizrahi food from other countries is not the same as Palestinian food. I see the Israelis say maftool (pearl couscous) is theres. I have seen Israelis try to claim kanafeh and wear thobes. I have seen them try to do debke. Mind you, these are blond hair blue eyed jews from Europe. And Ok, some Mizrahi jews are from LEBANON or SYRIA or IRAQ. Therefore, the food they brought over was from those places. They weren’t Israeli. Israelis come from all over the world and they don’t have a common food. Therefore, it isn’t appropriate to call it Israeli food. That is like saying spaghetti or lo mein is American food.

      So fairy, if Palestinian Christians were being oppressed by the muslim Palestinians, they would hate them. Christians in Palestine are only being oppressed by one people, Israelis. And maybe christians in Lebanon of Palestinian descent don’t want to join the maronite in crowd because they know the treatment of Palestinian refugees is wrong and inhumane. And perhaps your use of the term “muslim trash” is a bit bigoted and islamophobic. But you are probably a troll anyways.

      • Yeah , There’s a mosque of Omar in the Bethlehem . Why don’t you reerect the famous church of jubail and see it. yourself ? Read the edict of Omar ,hwo made it mandatory for Christians to not ring bells and wear same clothes as Arabs ,and not to ride a horse . Just google what Omar did to Christians .!

  37. I lived in southern morocco..and damn can people dance and party and sing. My fav wedding in a rural village was when the groom crashed his brides side of the party with a set up drums and everyone laughed and danced then guys and girls started dancing in a circle (guys and girls on diff sides). That was a rare party but women can dance, enjoy partys and sometimes the men would come out and sing and dance and play the drums in public with the women watching on.it was awesome. The village i lived in people were understaning of my religion, extreamly hospitable, supportive when 9/11 came around, and didnt support extreamist groups using the Muslim religion as a tool to recruit people.

    And i personally believe that religion should be discussed in.school as a study on the history of the world. So when the news or tv or goverment try to manipulate your emotions through fear of the unknown it wont work and society can denounce them and then ignore them. People have no more power then what other people give them.

  38. Typical arabs arguing over stupid things like food and nationality. Dude those borders were created by white imperialists and you are arguing about that nonsense. Sure there are regions like palestine, syria, egypt, etc. and there are different ethnicities both arabized and non arabized. But y’all are taking this crap way too far. Anyways, regardless if we are descended from all the people who have stayed and left the region we are from for thousands of years, we are still arabized and are arab in culture. We are arab in our language. Don’t try to deny that. Palestinians eat tabbouleh. Lebanese eat tabbouleh. Syrians eat tabbouleh. It really isn’t a big deal because I prefer fattoush anyways (uh oh did I just open up a new door?) Anyways, we all eat hummus and falafel. Now some dishes like maklooba (palestine) and mensaf (jordan) aren’t arguable, but come on. Get a grip. This is why Palestine is occupied today. Because arabs are too busy arguing over nonsense and won’t unite. Sorry not sorry.

    • Nadia, as I said previously, you don’t see Irish or Scottish people calling themselves English because they are Anglicized. Why should Arabized peoples call themselves Arab?

      And no the reason Palestine is occupied today by Israel is not because a bunch of random Arabized people can’t unite together, you can thank the emergence of Zionism in the late 1800s for that.

  39. Here’s the deal… Put any Arab individual in front of a Lebanese Arabic speaking (<- did not say arab) individual, have them debate… Sooner or later, the conclusion will simply reveal very differing ideologies… That being said, ideologies are not always based on facts… And in the case Middle Eastern/Arab (<- diplomacy ;) ) individuals; many core principles are founded on superstition and older than time rhetoric. Dogma, really…

    So 'zalame A' says tabouli is from Palestine…
    'Zalame B' says kibbeh nayeh is Syrian…
    'Zalame C' talks about hummus and its Israeli origin…

    There is no difference between all these people… Why? Because, odds are that; every single person whose decided to contribute a beautiful comment has, at one point or another, acquired information from their grandmother or mother warning them (for instance): (paraphrasing in English, to all the Arabic speaking peeps… Just hear it in your head in Arabic) " Beware of the cursed eye". LOL

    Funny how we've shunned facts, concrete facts, ( like the major contributions that are in the fields of: Mathematics, Science, Surgery, Glass [ like for a window] among many other things…) to allow room for inconceivable doctrines that, really, rarely apply to our lives… And when they do, its a coincidence.

    "Any Lebanese, man or lady, can outdo other Arabic speaking individuals. You know why? Because that's what my grandmother said!" Now let me ask you; does that make any sense whatsoever? LOL

    [P.S] Now, with that out of the way…
    I am Lebanese, Christian also… And I can tell you, hummus, falafel and and tabouli belongs to Lebs not because we invented them but rather, we perfected them.

    Oh and tabouli is old news buddy boys! Step your game up! Out here, where the big boys play, we do fattoush. (<- Undoubtedly a Lebanese dish by the way).

  40. “Arabs have not been Christian for 2000 years…” Maybe they have. There were Christian tribes in the Arabian peninsula in the time of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, who recognised him as a prophet and became Muslim. Many Muslim Arabs of today must be descended from these Christian tribes.

  41. If I may, speaking as a Lebanese Arab, it is not E-rock it is E-rack ! Lebanese food is not Arabic food nor Israeli, it is really a melange of lebanese / Syrian / Turkish / Palestnian . In Saudi and Morocco and Kuwait they call it Lebanese not Arabic, simply because the Lebs are pretty good at it. Also, the Jews are just another form of Semites, and the ones who’ve been here with us for milleniums we call Arab Jews, just like Arab Christians or Arab Muslims. You’re right about the parties though.

    • No ! Don’t act silly . Muslims have been killing ecah other for generations . Yazid killed Hussain , Aisha(wife of prophet) waged a war on Ali( his brother) , look at the Islamic history and you’d know that. Don’t act silly and blame Israel for it. And I’m an Arab myself so take that in your face ! Bruv

  42. Arabs and Jews never been in fight or never been enemies

    the fight is between Arabs and Israelis which has big difference from the first one

    its completely politics and has nothing to do with religion

  43. Last time I checked the westboro baptiste church doesnt control an area 10 times larger than lebanon amd does not have 300k+ members and growing .

  44. Arab Christians have been around for the long. I am Palestinian, but about 600 years ago, my lineage dates back to the Arabian Peninsula in Yemen. The Ghassanid Christians originate from there, and we weren’t converted. Now, Ghassanid Christians are all over the middle east

    • Hi Sam, the Ghassanids came to the Levant in the first few centuries AD, they did not displace the Greek/Aramaic speaking population but merged into it, over hundreds of years they mixed with other Christian peoples in the holy land. The Ghassanids were generally described as “People with high temples, big noses, prominent foreheads, fuzzy hair, small jaws, thin lips, beautifully straight teeth, well proportioned features, dark complexions, black eyes and beautiful figures.” You can still find Palestinians that fit this description today but they are a small minority, more Bedouins fit the description. The average Palestinian looks like what they are primarily, Eastern Mediterranean indigenous peoples.

  45. I loved the article and all the comments, but you guys sound very Irish are you sure you are or are descended from those who are from the…uh fertile crescent?

  46. I cant believe this…Who cares where the tabouleh comes from?? Its not a great invention to be fighting who made it… You sound like its as important as landing on the moon… Shame

  47. Ok… just a question,, what’s wrong about discussing origins of arab cuisine?… Being all arabs doesn’t mean we have no culture differences… and discussing about differences only means we have “culture”.. just like how English people talk about their “English tea” and their tea culture… people can have discussions about any topic.. we don’t have to discuss science, atoms and molecules, to show the world we are “educated”!! DUH! the beauty of nations is the beauty and aesthetics of their diverse cultures… yes I can understand why americans find it weird when they see such comments and discussions about food, and that’s only because they have no culture of their own… and that’s fine… countries like Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt have a deep and diverse culture in everything… be it cuisine, religion, language, arts, dances, music, philosophy… just name it! we are countries who have old histories.. But it’s completely laughable to see comments from people who say: “no wonder arabs fight politically when they argue about food! ” ofcourse we argue about food! why not! there are many topics in the world to discuss.. and I tell you, there is also the “bread culture” there is the “cheese culture” and the culture of “tea”… man, there are books written about bread and origins and how its backed in each country! In the arab world we speak Arabic with many beautiful different dialects… haven’t you all studied the history of languages? Germanic languages? how shakespearian English developed?! so where is the problem if arabs discuss these topics? this doesn’t mean we are separated,, it only means we are aware of culture education… We are not cows to eat taboula just because it tasted good! it’s beautiful to know the origins of tabouleh! and its nice to discuss this… its nice to know what you are eating rather than eating it just like a pig not knowing what it is… (peace) We arabs are just proud of ourselves and shall never allow stupid (new) nations to disturb our (old) nations with our diverse cultures… go learn about it rather than just making fun of us that we discuss it!!! it only proves that you have no culture or education!

    • I laughed as soon as I started reading this. I took this article as funny because as an American most American humor is targeted on American stupid or silly stuff. As an American I have appreciated cuisine from all over the world. But also this american has been without the “good life” for many years…so when I do eat…it is a blessing from God and rarely a cuisine from any country. When I get to eat a pizza…I thank God for the provision and rarely remember the origins of it. When it’s all said and done…when there is famine, food becomes necessary for life. I don’t believe that Gazan’s have the luxury to consider the origins of their sustenance, but that it’s the means for life or death. I hope that someday the Israeli’s and Zionists will come to know the want for food, and that the Arab world will shame them by providing it without origins of separation. God has blessed us with our food but lifting ourselves up as to it’s origins or credits is futile.

  48. One more thing pita bread in not Israeli or jewish.. the jews make khalah .. even in Israel the pita bread are made by arab bakeries and they are not subsidized by the government like the khalah because they don’t recognize it as an official bread..

  49. The real reason it is called Lebanese food more often than it is called Palestinian, Syrian or Arabic food is because people who live in countries outside the Arab world and the Middle Eastern world were exposed to this food more in Lebanese restaurants than any other types of Middle-Eastern or Arab restaurants. It is a fact that there are more successful Lebanese restaurants in places like London, Paris, New York, and Los Angeles than say Syrian or Palestinian restaurants. It has nothing to do with ultra nationalism or with Phoenicia. The Lebanese have traditionally been great travelers and successful at emigration; please do not hold that against them.

    Signed: A Lebanese Arab.

  50. This is to the Godfather
    who was talking well saying that the reason the Jews and Palestinians were not fighting pre 48 was because Arabs massacred the Jews ok lets bust this down feel free to Google my reasons your an idiot Mr Godfather lol
    1 in the holy books all of them it talks about the Jews coming into the so called land of milk and honey and doing what oh that’s right killing village after village go ahead open your bibles your Torah go ahead ok.
    2 if you actually want to fast forward to the middle ages crusades etc who was that sacking your temples killing anyone not Christian wasn’t the Arabs was it. Yeah thought so go ahead Google it.
    3 keep it going fast forward to the 1800s Jews and Palestinians lived in harmony for well over a hundred years Jews spread all over Europe and then something happened the holocaust a horrible thing but again done by Christian Nazi’s not Arabs Hitler actually released a book where he put all the races and species in order Arabs placed behind dogs thank god he got his and us burning in hell.
    4 when the waves of returning Jews returned home displaced there homes burned so they came to the homeland we shared and there was no problems my grand father told me stories of his neighbor being Jewish and them being the best of friends then it happened the rothchilds complained and pressed the queen to give them Israel or they would not give loans to rebuild war torn England they actually signed a document to fund the war effort if after the war was over Palestine would be given to the Jews so 48 after a few years oftens of thousands of Jews landed they were given weapons and tanks and they did what was done to them my grandfather told me of the gun shots the massacres fleeing with only what they could carry losing all they’re land everything they worked for.
    But yes Mr godfather blame the Arabs blame the people with no army being calledterrorists

  51. i agree for all except the lebanese food.
    first our arabic mezzah and not food is originally turkish and greek but not Arabic.
    secondly am lebanese married to a palestenian. with multi nationalities friends all arabs and europeans americans canadians. and none of those arab do cook the way we do. our ingredients r totally different. and my husband never ate many different dishes and mezzah anywhere hes been. nor from his own mothet who is a good cook. but he still eats it when he tried our version and he LOVES it. and pls for those who talked about tabbouleh. tabboule was lebanese is lebanese and will always be. we do not put cucumber we do not put cumin. and we do use black pepper! and hommos is palestenian. but guess what we have our own version of hommos as well! and fattoush! so yeah. we have the lebanese food!

  52. I think that this guide is more of a directive to as you say “dumb Americans” with undertones of anger. Americans don’t get mad if you pronounce the name of a state wrong. Many Arabs cannot pronounce New York, but many Americans cannot either. Nobody is going to get killed over it. We wouldn’t allow “Westboro Baptist Church” do get to the point of ISIS, Al Queda, etc. Beheading any one is unacceptable. I’m not sure if a Philly cheese steak was invented in Philadelphia. All I know is that is delicious and Americans would rather eat it then argue it’s true origin. If I say I am from New England, I am not going openly hate you because you think I am from Boston. My point is there seems to be zero tolerance for others in the Middle East. Sure there is issues in America, but not the same extent or level of violence. Shouldn’t an area with so much wisdom and experience be a beacon to follow? No matter your religion, race, creed, or sex, you are an American. There seems to be a strong desire for separation in the Middle East. Maybe ignorance is bliss. I would much rather have a “dumb American” next door to me than an Angry Middle Eastern. If you were next door to me I would consider you an American until you proved otherwise. I hope everyone can pray to there respective Gods for peace.

    • Americans have defined the world with social and moral values and I respect them . And that’s an Arab Indian saying it . Those disrespectful guys who confuse American politics and the civilians there are wrong . I don’t respect the political scene there but yes, I love the crowd there . They are very nice people irrespective of their races or ethnicity .infact Arabs should Learn something from a nation which has less than 500 years of history compared to their heritage lands and know how well America fares . Salute to the Ameriqi ,I love you

  53. i agree for all except the lebanese food.
    first our arabic mezzah and not food is originally turkish and greek but not Arabic.
    secondly am lebanese married to a palestenian. with multi nationalities friends all arabs and europeans americans canadians. and none of those arab do cook the way we do. our ingredients r totally different. and my husband never ate many different dishes and mezzah anywhere hes been. nor from his own mothet who is a good cook. but he still eats it when he tried our version and he LOVES it. and pls for those who talked about tabbouleh. tabboule was lebanese is lebanese and will always be. we do not put cucumber we do not put cumin. and we do use black pepper! and hommos is palestenian. but guess what we have our own version of fattoush and oh hommos as well! so yeah. we have the lebanese food!

  54. A. Wilmot, at least in some states people do have strong feelings about pronunciation. If you don’t believe it, come out here to Oregon and call it “OR-ri-gawn” and see how many seconds before someone corrects you rather sternly (it’s “OR-ri-gun”). Or try the same thing with “Nev-AH-duh” (it’s “ne-VAD-da).” Say “ee-RAHN” for the non-Arab country and “ee-ROCK” for the Arab country, and be thankful that no one will expect you to pronounce that terrifying letter ‘ain and the beginning of the latter. Oh yes, and don’t say “catarrh” for Qatar, please. Catarrh is an inflamation of a mucus membrane. Say “KAH-tar” (or you can get away with “cutter”) please.

  55. This was meant to clear things up for non-Arabs but the amount of arguing in the comments, between Arabs, is kind of depressing and ruined the whole thing for me.

    • As the author of this article, I can tell you that Arabs can sometimes take things way too seriously. This article was meant as a very light read. No matter what you write, people are going to disagree with you. I stand by everything I say

  56. Great list! I am not Arab but love the culture and rich history. I have been blessed with several trips to the region (love it!) and I am glad I can say none of the given points are new to me. I just wanted to add that I see a huge resemblance between my own cultural background and Arabs. We too battle with a huge area united by language and religion (mostly Catholic) but we come in all shades. Our Spanish is so different from one country to the next, much like Arabic. Our food is usually summarized as beans and rice but that is far from the truth,my father is Mexican and my mother is Chilean and the food is nothing alike! Well, the similarities continue so my point is that we can keep talking about what makes us different but truly, we are united.

  57. Totaly wrong…
    Arabs are people that came and occupied most of Middle East killing the same way As Isis is right now. The syrian people and lebanese and egyptoan palestinians and amazigh have been under the tyranny of the Arabs and Turks for 1400 years.

  58. Lebanese food is not arabic food. If u all eat Lebanese food in ur cuisines it does not make it arabic food. It is Lebanese and it was partly influenced by the greek and Turkish cuisines. Research it before writing about it

  59. That’s a pretty fancy article. I’m really keen to know when you say we are Palestine and not Pakistan, what do you mean by that? Pls elaborate.

  60. Speaking Arabic is not being Arabic. For example I am an Arabic speaking Egyptian and not an Arab. Actually most of the Arabic speaking people are not Arabs. Look at Sudan and Somalia and Muritania etc.. We are all different races united by language and sometimes religion. I am proud of my heritage and you should be too. Don’t forget who you REALLY are :)

  61. To Muhammad. There are such a people as Palestinians. My family is from Palestine. I’m 1st generation born in America. Just as someone from Lebanon is Lebanese. Jordan, would be Jordanian. If you’re from Syria…that’s right. Syrian. You see how this works?

  62. “Whoever coined the term ‘ignorance is bliss’ is an idiot…”

    That would be Shakespeare, the most influential writer the English language has ever known. And read within context, the remark is dripping with irony. Indeed, the sentiment behind it would actually buttress some of your points above.

    I understand your wanting people to open a history book. But while they do that, maybe go back and brush up on freshman year English Lit. :)

  63. Yes….yes..my son hussam u really ex port the real ideas and facts about the Christian’s arabs and the whole of the real isallmic world. …and am so proud and happy of u ..btw u grow up so fast …lol…God pless u but complete our traditional food with mansif and tabolleh and worak doalle and kabseh …..etc the most delicious food ….

  64. Just a note to the Orgin of Arab….
    The orgine of Arab is Yemen…. Arabs know that well;” if your orgine not from Yemen, You can’t be Arabic”. Arabs traveld from Yemen to different parts of the Middle East including Iraq…etc. because of this they influnced thier new communities (tribes) leading to the split of Arab between Alarab Alaribah (orginal Arab) & Alarab Almusta’aribah (Arab who become Arabic after being not Arabic by orgin, but treated as As orginal Arabic I must mention). After this you may understand MANY things.

    The famous queen of Yemen (Queen Belques) married King Salamon. That how Yemenis become Jewish. Despite judism and its special language… Yemeni (Arab) Jewish keep speaking Arabic as their first language. I have many Jewish friends here in Yemen who are proud of being Arab.

    • So , true , some of my ancestors (who were Sayyids/ descendants of Mohammed) migrated from Yemen to India , converted to Christianity and got killed . We still owe them respect

  65. You forgot one thing,
    There will never be peace in the Middle East.
    As you can see, my fellow Arabs from all different nations are ready to fight over who’s food it is. People, does it really matter who’s food it is, do you realize that more than half of our people in the Middle East, or Arab world or whatever you want to call it, don’t even have food to eat. They are lucky to have flour to make khubiz to feed the children.

    And who cares whether people think your Muslim or Christian, we are Human just like the Jews and Persians. Does being one vs the other make you any more valuable, or any more special?

    And why are we bringing up the past of who killed who? Killings of innocent lives have been happening for thousands of years across the world and across different ethnics groups, race and religion. Blaming each other is not going to solve the problem, we need to stop living in the past (which is another point you forgot to mention about Arabs) and lay down our weapons, hatred, fear, aggression and move forward to give our children a chance. ONE LOVE

    #muslim #christian #jew #arab #palestine #coptic #israel #lebanon #syria #egypt #arabicfood

  66. You forgot one thing,
    There will never be peace in the Middle East.
    As you can see, my fellow Arabs from all different nations are ready to fight over who’s food it is. People, does it really matter who’s food it is, do you realize that more than half of our people in the Middle East, or Arab world or whatever you want to call it, don’t even have food to eat. They are lucky to have flour to make khubiz to feed the children.

    And who cares whether people think your Muslim or Christian, we are Human just like the Jews and Persians. Does being one vs the other make you any more valuable, or any more special?

    And why are we bringing up the past of who killed who? Killings of innocent lives have been happening for thousands of years across the world and across different ethnics groups, race and religion. Blaming each other is not going to solve the problem, we need to stop living in the past (which is another point you forgot to mention about Arabs) and lay down our weapons, hatred, fear, aggression and move forward to give our children a chance. ONE LOVE

    #muslim #christian #jew #arab #palestine #coptic #israel #lebanon #syria #egypt #arabicfood

  67. Lebanese are Phoenicians (Canaanites) and not Arabs!!! so yeah, there is such thing called lebanese cuisine!!!! That is history that some cannot admit or try to conceal!
    everything else is ok

  68. Do you really believe that Jewish things did not exist prior to ’48? or that Jewish people were not in the land now called Israel prior to ’48?

  69. You forgot one. Just dont talk or deal with arabs at all, their a pretty unintelligent group of people over all. This can be easily proved and seen with your own eyes at how terrible little they contribue to the world yet there is a billion of them, and this is compared to extremely tiny jewish population which gives more to the world in one year than arabs have in the last 10.

    Arabs and muslims are pathetic people who belong back in the stone ages.

  70. You all need to Listen to Bob Marley
    ONE LOVE✌❤✌
    I’m Proud to be of Lebanese / Palestinian /Syrian Decent ?Born and Raised in California, and Christian ?
    Is it Really going to make or break you where Kibbeh came from or Hummus ?

  71. Arabs are simply egotistical, psychotic Desert Tribal Nomads, who have no XXXXXXX no place in the 21st Century. They belong in the Desert and Ancient History from which they devolved. They are evolved from camels, mules, goats and people and are, therefore, substandard.
    The World would be a finer place without any Arabs.

    • I am ancestrally an Arab and i find this very hurtful . Please don’t generalize it . My ancestors were descendants of Mohammed ( propeht of Islam and his grandson Hassan was my progenitor ) ,so we were Sayyids until my Great grandmother (who was a Sayyida embraced Christianity she was assassinated by non-Arab Muslims in india) but our faith was Christian and we still claim to be Christians irrespective of whether our ancestors were Arab or Muslims. Please, be careful with words ,it hurts our sentiments and make us look bad. May Jesus be with you

  72. I don’t know if ignorance is bliss. But I don’t think whoever coined that term is an”idiot”…what else can we expect from the you though…I always detect an air of superiority from you people. Please explain why most of you from males from the Middle East think like this. Please reply.

  73. Yes That’s Right and Lebanon is not arabic country but its a ”Phoenician” Country including its food these POD arabs they are telling you Lebanese Food is in general an arabic food but its fine not a problem thank u very much for the information.

  74. Egyptians had their own language (called Egyptian or Coptic) back in time. It was NOT Arabic. Over the centuries, Arabic people (tribes from Saudi Arabia) invaded Egypt. Ottoman Empire (from Turkey) also invaded Egypt, so that DOES NOT mean we are Turkish. Same goes for Arabs in this example. Arabs (from Saudi Arabia/Arabian Peninsula) invaded Egypt, so that DOES NOT mean we are Arabs.
    Most Egyptians (~90%) are of Coptic origin and not of Arab origin. There were many DNA researches that proved only 10% of Egyptians are from Arab origin. They are mainly living in Sinai desert. Even in Egypt we call them ‘Arab Sina’ ‘عرب سينا’.
    I encourage Egyptians to acknowledge and deeply recognize their amazing and beloved origin. That doesn’t mean that we are racist or hate Arabs or neighbouring countries. All RESPECT to the Middle East and all countries of the world.

    a random Egyptian passing by xD

    • I agree with you. Many are also very intertwined with the Phoenician genes that the Lebanese think they only have. Egyptians are different from the Arabs of everywhere else, Egypt has a very diverse history.

  75. On point my brother I hate it when I tell people I’m from Palestine and they are like “oh you mean Israel”. That pisses me off so much and I hate it when all americans assume I’m Muslim because I’m arabic but in fact I am Christian. What pisses me off the most is when I see people call Muslims “terrorists”. Only the most ignorant Americans would say that. Not all Muslims are bad. There were many other extreme groups who practiced religions other than Islam such as the Nazi’s. I hope what I said made sense lol have a great day!!!!

  76. Fact: Erroneous to all previous points the world would be a better place if “Arabs” did not exist. The middle east has been marred in unrest since the dawn of time; all of you and your “cousssssinnnn’s” should go back to where you came from so we can turn the middle east into a glass parking lot at once. Fuck off. Fuck isis. Fuck chaldeans. Fuck you.

  77. Can anyone help me here, i really like this palestinian, we are friends online and i think i love him already and he cares to chat and videocall with me, is there any possibility if he fall in love with me?

  78. Arabs aren’t hairy actually. Look at Gulf Arabs, Yemenis, Omanis, Qataris, Saudis..etc aren’t really hairy as much as Persians, in fact, among us, the most hairy are those mixed with Persians in eastern part.

  79. Lots of thinly-veiled antisemitism here; I hope nobody takes this seriously. Particularly the part about it coming from a “Palestinian Christian”.

  80. 1. Not all of us are Muslim

    No, but those who are think they are the “real” Arabs and everyone else should lick their feet (while also harboring an intense inferiority complex). They think they are entitled to do whatever it takes to assume what they think is their rightful position in the world. This is why you as a Sunni Arab lie and pretend to be a Christian.

    2. Falafel, Hummus, and Shawarma are Arabic foods, NOT Israeli foods.

    They’re both. The Jewish people were living in the region since long before Arabs invaded in the 10th century. Charoset is a traditional Jewish food that is not Arab and has traditionally been eaten for the reason that it is from the region.

    3. Arabs and Jews HAVE NOT been fighting for thousands of years

    Arabs and Jews were only ever not fighting when one side had total dominance over the other. When the Arabs had the power, endemic antisemitism and occasional pogroms were the order of the day. Anyone who doubts this can go read “The Arabian Nights” and how Jews were portrayed.

    4. ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other Islamic militant groups DO NOT reflect the views of all Muslims

    You’re right, they don’t…because Muslims doctrinally believe that Muslims should only ever rape, murder and behead kaffirs. Most Muslims perceive ISIS as “bad Muslims” and are mostly sympathetic to al-Qaeda. Proof being that they treat those groups like any other intra-Islamic dispute, “friendly acts of murder” rather than shaking heaven and earth to try to destroy them, the way that Muslims typically fight those who they truly believe to not be Muslims.

    5. Smoking hookah is nothing new

    What you really mean is that you have self-loathing as an Arab smoking hookah, which is contrary to traditional Islam and bears a strong social stigma in the Islamic world.

    6a. When I say that I am from Palestine, that doesn’t mean Pakistan, and it DEFINITELY doesn’t mean Israel

    It means you’re a tramp from Pakistan who wants a victim card and to claim you have no country of origin so you can live in the West while bringing with you all your Islamic garbage.

    6b. If you really want to make a Palestinian mad, just ask if he is from Israel. Your result will not end happily, I can assure you that. And it is Palestine. Not Pakistan. Please know that we aren’t the same thing.

    So-called “Palestinians” are stereotypical Islamic cowards who respect nothing but force. They will kill without remorse when they have the power, but when others have the power, they will get on their knees rather than speak their minds.

    7. There’s a right way to say “Iraq”

    Iraq is only more real than Fakestine because the made-up country isn’t under kaffir control.

    8. Persians aren’t Arabs

    You’re right, they’re not. How do the Persians say it? “Arabs live in caves and eat insects while even a dog in Persia drinks cold water.” Persians have been civilized for thousands of years while Arabs were desert-dwelling nomadic barbarians. Most of what is civilized in Arab culture is of Persian origin (literature, language, numbers, science, etc). Again, because Arabs have an intense inferiority complex, they resent all other cultures.

    9. “Lebanese food” is Arabic food

    False. Lebanese food is strongly Greek-influenced. Because the Lebanese are Phoneician, not Arab, they were heavily influenced by Greek culture. Lebanese see themselves as superior and will never forgive the Arabs for destroying their country multiple times. Third time I’ll say it… because Arabs have an intense inferiority complex, they resent all other cultures, including Jews, Persians and Lebanese…

    10. We love to party

    That’s because you’re dumb hedonists incapable of doing anything else and it kills you to know it.


  82. What a fool, there was never any Palestine. The Romans referred to that land as the Phillistines and it was and always had been a Jewish majority. The Arabs just moved around a lot and could not for the life of them develop the land.

    • He is disillusioned ! Philistines is not what Palestine today is. Philistine a land on the Crete islands What you see today is all a makeup . Israel was occupied by Omar ,the caliph of Islam who are they to make the comment on invasion of Jews .

  83. You mentioned in some of your points that you get mad at people for not knowing these details about your country, and that if we don’t know some of the points you mentioned, we will be looked at as a “dumb american”. Explain why that is? I’m from America, have no middle eastern friends, why should I be expected to know some of the things you mentioned about where you are from? Having geographical knowledge is one thing, but as far as the food and other things.. Who cares?

    • I wanted to mention, I’m not trying to sound mean. But I just don’t understand how you can say “dumb american” or act angry toward people who genuinely may not know some of these things in relation to where you are from. If I were to ask a question, why would you respond with anger simply because I do not know? Again, some americans do not have any middle eastern friends, therefore have little middle eastern knowledge. Aside from what was learned in world history, which most have probably forgotten.

  84. I am Wartung for the day when some people will understand that you cannot rule the world with any religious arguments. Jewish, Christian or Moslem. I am a Palestinian from Haifa-Palestine and not Israel as they force in some electronic formulas on the internet.

  85. My late mother-in-law made the best multhoom and kibbebebat I have ever tasted. I have never been able to match the taste of her cooking. Her family were Christians from Mardin, Turkey who settled in Hassake, Syria. What is the “ethnicity” of these foods? I met my husband when he came to the USA as a student. By the way, what is the origin of the name Mercho? My husband’s mother’s family name is Kaouk. Are any of your readers familiar with these areas? I w.ould love to know more about our children’s history.
    The spelling of these names varies.

  86. Wait and watch how is prove you wrong everywhere .
    So, by points :
    1) Most of you Lebanese guys are Phoenician , Greek , Iranian , Turkish , Arameans hybrids and have lost your history into antiquity.
    2) Falafel, Hummus, and Shawarma are adopted foods from the Mediterranean people irrespective of being Arab or Israeli. Arabs (real) have a different diet.
    3) Well, Arabs invaded te Levant and “occupied it under Omar” so it’s wrong to say Israel occupied it. Israel existed since antiquity. So by that logic even Lebanon isn’t a country because it was Syria under the Assad’s ,right ?
    4) Yes , They don’t represent all Muslims but you Lebanese Christians killed thousands of Muslims in Karantila , Sabra , Shatila . George Habash and many of the founder terrorists of PLO were Christian as well. No ,wonder the west doesn’t shed tears when you guys are killed by radical Islamists cuz you Levantine christian folks are very anti-jewish and the West considers who idol worshipping pagans non Christian. Hallelujah !
    6) Totally agreed
    7) Well, no it’s no E-rock , It’s spelled with an Ayin , so it Should be Aye-raaq ( ع ).
    8) Agreed , they preserved their identity , unlike you hybrid guys.
    9) True
    10) Absolutely no , don’t ever go in these nations they are filled with murderers who may attack you . It’s safe to go to Dubai than Beirut. With the conditions today it’s not safe . Their prime ministers and Presidents above been killed , imagine of you being ordinary tourists .

  87. Hey smart guy. If you’re so close to the Israelis why would you take offense if people say they eat falafel with their Israeli friends? That’s not very civil. Falafel isn’t even an Arab food, in the same way you’re saying falafel isn’t an Israeli food. Falafel came from Egypt, which is AFRICAN.

    Israel the state was created in 1948 but the Israelis (the Jews, the Sons of Israel) have been around for thousands of years, just as long as the Arabs have, and the land they conquered back in the olden days they called Israel. And guess what? They were eating hummus back then just like Arabs did. I shouldn’t have to explain this but for some reason I do.

  88. Hi – Ref point 4, and just on a point of language, when you say ‘huge minorities’, that is ambiguous. Huge implies a large number and minority means a small number. I think – and hope – that you meant ‘tiny minorities’.
    On the subject of point 4, I fear that all religions with a ‘heaven’ and a fixed ‘inerrant’ text are harmful overall, because they prevent thinking and stop you from making the best of today. I don’t think we hear enough condemnation from moderate believers when the more militant ones do atrocities as they are commanded by their texts. In many countries and situations it is impossible to be honest if one is not a believer, so hopefully there are fewer believers than the figures claim. Common sense must prevail!

  89. New Kids on the Block is my favourite band of 90s. NKOTB had so many hit songs! The ones I remember are ‘Tonight’, ‘Baby, I Believe In You’ and, of course their hit ‘Step By Step’. These are real songs, not fake like today! And it is sooo good they have a tour in 2019! And I’m going to attend their concert this year. The concert setlist is here: New Kids on the Block tour Edmonton. Check it out and maybe we can even visit one of the concerts together!

  90. HISTORY OF PALESTINE 1150 BCE through 1500 CE
    October 27, 2015 at 1:08 PM
    This is an incomplete history, but does show a Palestinian history prior to the Kingdom of Israel and the Roman Empire, and that Palestine existed through history.


    1150 BCE Land of “Peleset” referred to in numerous Egyptian heiroglyphics, refering to their neighbors during the 20th dynasty

    First mention was in the texts at the temple of Medinet Habu referring to the “Sea People during Ramsses III reign.

    800 BCE The Assyrians called them the Palashtu or Pilistu. There were references to them for over a century.

    5th century BCE- Herodotus wrote about Palaistine in The Histories^ In his work, Herodotus referred to the practice of male circumcision associated with the Hebrew people: “the Colchians, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians, are the only nations who have practised circumcision from the earliest times. The Phoenicians and the Syrians of Palestine themselves confess that they learnt the custom of the Egyptians…. Now these are the only nations who use circumcision.” The History of Herodotus
    ^ Beloe, W., Rev., Herodotus, (tr. from Greek), with notes, Vol.II, London, 1821, p.269 “It should be remembered that Syria is always regarded by Herodotus as synonymous with Assyria. What the Greeks called Palestine the Arabs call Falastin, which is the Philistines of Scripture.”

    ^ Elyahu Green, Geographic names of places in Israel in Herodotos This is confirmed by George Rawlinson in the third book (Thalia) of The Histories where Palaestinian Syrians are part of the fifth tax district spanning the territory from Phoenicia to the borders of Egypt, but excludes the kingdom of Arabs who were exempt from tax for providing the Assyrian army with water on its march to Egypt. These people had a large city called Cadytis, identified as Jerusalem.

    4th century BCE Aristotle wrote about the Dead Sea in Palestine in his book, Meteorology,
    “Again if, as is fabled, there is a lake in Palestine, such that if you bind a man or beast and throw it in it floats and does not sink, this would bear out what we have said. They say that this lake is so bitter and salt that no fish live in it and that if you soak clothes in it and shake them it cleans them,” an obvious reference to the Dead Sea.

    Later writers such as Polemon, and Pausanias also used the term to refer to the same region. This usage was followed by Roman writers such as Ovid, Tibullus, Pomponius Mela, Pliny the Elder,[15] Statius, as well as Roman-era Greek writers such as Plutarch, Dio Chrysostom and Roman-era Judean writers such as Philo of Alexandria[16] and Josephus.

    135 CE After the Bar Kokhba Revolt, the Romans called it Syria Palaestina

    *In Hebrew, the name Palestine (פלשת) and the name Philistine (פלשתי) are pretty much the same, and Philistine literally means One Of Palestine. The Philistines are descendants of the Casluhim, who were sons of Mizraim, son of Ham, son of Noah (Genesis 10:14).

    Peleshet (פלשת Pəlésheth)- usually translated as Philistia in English, is used in the Bible more than 250 times.

    In the Torah / Pentateuch the term is used 10 times and its boundaries are undefined. The later Historical books (see Deuteronomistic history) include most of the biblical references, almost 200 of which are in the Book of Judges and the Books of Samuel, where the term is used to denote the southern coastal region to the west of the ancient Kingdom of Judah.


    As for the early population of Palestine, even the Jewish virtual library puts the Jewish population at less than 2% in 1517 ( http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/jsource/Society_&_Culture/israel_palestine_pop.html )
    According to the founder of Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics Roberto Bachi there were :
    219 000 Muslims,
    11 000 Christians and
    only 2 000 Jews in the year 1690.
    So Muslims were the vast majority. Even by each Palestinian city, you can see that. In the middle of the 16th century for example Hebron had 749 Muslim taxable households to only 20 Jewish. Jerusalem had 7,287 Muslims and only 1,363 Jews. Nablus 806 Muslim households to only 15 Jewish. Safed had 1,121 Muslim households to 716 Jewish (Jewish community of Safed was just formed at that time of Jewish refugees from Spain).


    there are also references to “Palestine” in Shakespeare. In Othello, Act 4, scene 3, “I know a lady in Venice would have walked bare-foot to Palestine for a touch of his nether lip”. In King John, Act 2, Scene 1, “fought Holy Wars in Palestine”. Othello was written between 1601 and 1604. King John Was written in 1594-1596.


    “Palaestina ex monumentis veteribus illustrata” – a detailed geographical survey of Palestine in 1696 written in Latin by Adriaan Reland published by Willem Broedelet, Utrecht, in 1714.

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