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    Why is Netanyahu crashing Congress?
    by Amer Zahr January 24th, 2015 (1 Comment)

    The prime minister of Israel is coming to visit us.  He’s not coming to meet with President Obama.  He’s not coming to see Secretary of State Kerry.  He’s not coming to give a lecture at a university or at a conference on international affairs.  And he’s not coming to speak to some pro-Israel American organization. Benjamin Netanyahu is coming to address the members of the United States Congress.  Okay, maybe he is coming to speak to a pro-Israel American organization.

    To be clear, Bibi is not landing in America at the invitation of the American president.  According to news reports, President Obama doesn’t want him coming here.  Nevertheless, House Speaker John Boehner (the head of the Barack Obama fan club) has invited Netanyahu to address Congress in March.

    So, why is Bibi addressing the 535 American legislators of the United States Congress?   Is he going to thank them for the billions of dollars every year?  Is he going to ask Boehner for tanning advice?  Is he going to tell them …

    Where do I apply for “terrorism expert”?
    By Amer Zahr
    January 16th, 2015 (12 Comments)

    Terrorism. Islamic terrorism. Islamism. Jihadism. ISIS. Al-Qaeda. AQAP. Muhammad. Or just Islam. It is the top story in the news.

    In order to fully inform us, CNN, Fox News and the like feed us a long line of “terrorism experts.” Sometimes they even present three or four of them at once, creating an “expert roundtable.” There’s one problem, though. These “experts” are getting it wrong. They’re misstating the facts, they’re wrongly predicting things, and sometimes they are just simply lying. This is not “expert” behavior, if you ask me.

    One of these “experts” is Paul Cruickshank. Paul has written numerous books and articles on al-Qaeda, and he has produced a number of “terrorism specials” for cable news outlets. He calls himself “CNN’s Terrorism Analyst.” Paul is obsessed with my people. Well, to be specific, he is obsessed with the crazy lunatics amongst my people. But he doesn’t take too many measures to state that distinction.

    Paul has no advanced degree in Islamic Studies, Middle East Studies, or any related field. …

    I refuse to condemn
    By Amer Zahr
    January 9th, 2015 (28 Comments)

    I refuse to condemn.

    I refuse to condemn ISIS. I refuse to condemn Paris. I refuse to condemn 9/11.

    I refuse to condemn, not because I don’t condemn, but because you so badly want me to.

    I refuse to condemn something that you don’t condemn because it’s so damn obvious that you condemn it. I refuse to condemn acts that are so clearly condemnable.

    I refuse to condemn, not because I don’t condemn, but because you so badly want me to.

    What is so special about me? Why are you so obsessed with my condemnation?

    And who needs to condemn a mass murder anyway? Go interview the people that praise it. They should fascinate you much more than my condemnation.

    Maybe you want me to condemn so you can discover where I stand. Maybe you want me to condemn so you can identify which team I’m on. Well, I’ll tell you. I’m not on their team, and I’m not on yours either. And see, I did all that without a …

    Jerusalem, Yerushalayim, (Al-Quds)
    By Amer Zahr
    December 26th, 2014 (19 Comments)

    Two weeks ago, I was in Jerusalem.

    I stayed in the Jerusalem Hotel, one block from the largest entrance to the Old City. I ventured through the city’s storied alleys, ancient stairways, and vibrant markets over and over during my few days there. I ate hummus, visited holy sites, and bought souvenirs. When I did make a purchase, I naturally bargained down the price a bit, but not as much as I would have if I have been in any other land. I just didn’t feel right going back and forth too much with those of my people who have remained in the Old City for so long. Also, people pay me to tell jokes. I have a pretty good life. I have no problem giving a small portion of each ticket price to the Palestinian economy.

    The Arab residents of the Old City have been present for centuries. Today, the population of the Old City is comprised of about 37,000 people, including 27,000 Muslims, 6,000 Christians, 1,000 Armenians, and …

    Santa, All I want for Christmas is…
    By Hadeel Khalifeh
    December 26th, 2014 (0 comments)

    Dear Santa,

    All we want for Christmas is peace and love, is that too much?

    We want to be around the ones we love, we want to be able to go from one place to the other without borders, without check points, and without Apartheid. We even want to live a life filled with love; we want to get rid of hate, racism, and every ugly thing around, is that too much to ask?

    Santa, all we want for Christmas is peace and love. We want a life filled with love besides the people who love us unconditionally; we want a life filled with tolerance, creativity, imagination, craziness and hope. Hope for the better, hope for more sunshine and superheroes. We don’t want last Christmas all over again, cause you know how much we have lost back then. My dear, we have been normal humans who make mistakes every now and then, but who doesn’t? They taught us that what matters is what is in the heart, and we had …

    Ten ways you might be an Arab
    By Sam Oudeh
    November 2nd, 2014 (2 Comments)

    *This is Sam Oudeh’s follow-up to his viral post, Ten things you need to know about Arabs

    We’ve all heard of the comedian Jeff Foxworthy and his famous “You might be a redneck” jokes. If you haven’t, I encourage you to look them up, because they are hilarious. Inspired by him, I have decided to create a “You might be an Arab” series of my own. Here are 10 ways in which you may be an Arab and not even realize it.

    1. If you have more hair on your body than you have on your head… you might be an Arab

    This is the beautiful Arab double whammy. Not only are we men (and some women) covered in hair, but the more we grow on our bodies, the more we lose on our heads. And they both seem to happen simultaneously.  By age 50, we’re normally cue balls on top wearing a permanent sweater.

    2. If you say “ehhhhh” before …

    Headline: America still clueless about Islam
    By Amer Zahr
    October 9th, 2014 (5 Comments)

    The events of the past couple weeks have confirmed something we Arabs and Muslims have known for some time:

    America is still clueless about Islam.

    Now, I’m a Palestinian Arab Christian Muslim American. My parents are both Palestinian Arabs.  My dad is a Christian, and my mom is a Muslim.  We affectionately call ourselves “Chrish-lims.”  Now, many people say, “Well, you can’t be half this and half that.”  Hey, take it up with my parents. But I should warn you.  Arguing with Palestinians is no fun.

    In any case, there is a bright side.  In a world where Muslims are required to condemn ISIS on a daily basis, I am in a pretty good spot.  As just a half-Muslim, I don’t need to waste as much time on this exercise. For those interested, condemnations are available 3.5 days a week, depending on my schedule, but never on Sundays. Since I’m related to Jesus, I rest on that day.

    Of the many professional activities I engage in, one of them is …

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