A Letter to My Ex-Girlfriend

Have you lost your mind?  Seriously, when we first met, I thought you were the one I had been waiting for my whole life.  Now, I don’t know what I was thinking.

I let you into my life… I shared everything I had with you.  You had nothing.  Everything that was mine helped you make you who you are today. Oh, how we forget so easily.  You’ve let others come between us.  I know I never had any money, but you didn’t have to go shack up with the richest guy around the first chance you got.

I’ve tried everything, letting you have more than you could’ve ever hoped for.  I let you into my heart.  You learned my deepest secrets, and then you used them all against me. How dare you?!  How could I have been so stupid?

Yes, we fought a lot.  Sometimes, it was my fault. Sometimes, it was yours.  But you go around telling everyone you’re always the victim, that I was the one “terrorizing” you. What a liar!  How many times have I let you humiliate me around other people? Yet I kept telling everyone we were going to work everything out.  Boy, was I wrong.

I’m the only one who has made any sacrifices for this relationship.  Remember when I let your cousins come over and stay in the house?  They still haven’t left.

I go around telling everyone I’ll do whatever it takes to make you happy.  You pretend like I don’t even exist.

We’ve tried to reconcile many times.  I even agreed to things I knew were bad for me, just to see if it would work out.  I’ve never known how to say no to you.  You’ve had a hold on me.  But no more!  I’m moving on.

From now on, I don’t want anything to do with you.  And by the way, I got your letter saying that you wanted me to profess my love for you in front of everyone.  What nerve!  When you start admitting that you did me wrong, then we’ll talk about that kind of stuff.

But I’ll tell you something right now.  You may try to forget about us, but you won’t be able to.  You can keep lying to yourself and everyone else, but it will catch up to you.  You can try to get me out of your heart, but it will never work.  I will always be a part of you.  The things you did to me won’t just disappear.  Life doesn’t work like that.  One day you’ll finally realize that you’re better off with me in your life.

For now, though, we have to go our separate ways.  Maybe you’ll grow up a little bit.  Maybe we can get back together one day.  If we don’t end up together, I hope you at least don’t put anyone else through what I had to endure.  It just makes me so mad.  I see you making all these mistakes, and I’m afraid you won’t realize it until it’s too late and you’re all alone.

But you know what? If that happens, you deserve it.  I tried to warn you, just accept me for who I am.  Don’t try to change me.  I’ll always be the person you fell for: fiery, protective, passionate, and full of love.  How could you have not seen it all this time?  We could’ve had something special, if you didn’t go and screw it all up.

You’re so full of yourself, thinking you’re so perfect, thinking you never do anything wrong.  Take a look in the mirror.  All of this is your fault.  All you had to do was open your heart… and share a little.

I’ve known, for some time now, that the only future I have is with you.  When will you realize it too?  Stop denying it.

I totally let you into my life.  I let you share everything I had.  Before I met you, I was a virgin.  I know… it’s hard to believe.  Well, you’ll never be getting any of this Palestinian lovin’ ever again.  And trust me, you’ll want it!

I can’t believe I introduced you to my family.  They told me something wasn’t right, but I wouldn’t listen.  My mom even shared her secret family hummus recipe with you, and now you go around telling everyone it’s your own… YOU B#$%H!

Go figure out your problems on your own.  We’ll see if you can do it without me!  Don’t call me. Don’t text me. Don’t e-mail me.  I can’t wait to change my Facebook relationship status.  Just stay out of my life!

Screw you, Israel.


About Amer Zahr 181 Articles
Amer Zahr is a Palestinian American comedian, writer, professor and speaker living in Dearborn, Michigan. He is also the editor of "The Civil Arab."


  1. Hi Amer! I got such a kick outta this one…Love it! “Remember when I let your cousins come over and stay in the house? They still haven’t left.” LOL Love it! Israel IS a BITCH! I was totally feeling the letter I wish the Israelis would just leave it text, email and facebook status though lol

  2. Where were you born, Jordan or the US? How about the last several generations of your ancestors? When did they migrate to the land on which present day Israel exists? Probably not more than 100 years ago. You have no claim whatsoever to Israel, or at best far less than your typical Israeli who was born there and has blood ties to the Middle East. Your bitterness is a joke. Your obsession is cruel. Seek professional help. Oh, and thank your lucky stars you live in the US.

    • LOL ! YOU’RE THE BEST ! I LOVE YOUR TRUTH SERUM ! “you left when the zionists kicked you out and massacred your people, so you have no claim”

      Sincerely, someone who understands your humor. You gorgeous zionist you

    • “When did they migrate to the land on which present day Israel exists? Probably not more than 100 years ago. You have no claim whatsoever to Israel”

      Do the math genius, because your rhetoric doesn’t add up. Israel was established in 1948. OK, I’ll even let you have 1947 if you want it so badly. We are presently in 2013. So that’s, what 65-66 years ago? “Present Day Israel” isn’t even 100 years old. So even if his ancestors go back 100 years, they still have more claim to the land than you do, considering they were there before Israel existed. That itself negates your claim that he (us Palestinians) “have no claim whatsoever to Israel” and in fact, ok, Israel exists. Not like that’s going to change anytime soon. So We can have our claim to the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem but even that’s not good enough for you racist warmongering thieves.

    • Sigh…. you sound as if you are the history keeper of a piece of land that doesn’t “belong” to you “either”.
      I saw a video produced by an Israeli who went through the streets of Israel asking everyone this simple question. “If you took a genetic test and it determined that you have no blood ties to this region, would you leave Israel?” The answer overwhelmingly was “No” All Jews in Israel, even the Jews who are only jews by religion and not ethnicity, deeply believe this land is their God given right.

      There are many many thousands of Palestinians still alive today who still remember the day they were terrorized out of their homes and still hold the key to the door of a home they are not allowed to return to. This is not something that was more than 100 years ago, and by the way it is still continuing to this day.

      Telling an ethnic Palestinian that he has no claims whatsoever to the land that is now being called Israel is like saying Native Americans have no claim to the land that is now called America. Guess what? The US is going down in history for it’s acts of cruelty toward Native Americans and we now have to pay restitution to the Natives. It took hundreds of years for us to acknowledge what we had done was ethnic cleansing but it did happen. Are you prepared to have to pay restitution to the Palestinians?

      The balance of power in the world will shift as it always does, and the international community will one day not be overwhelmed by the US, and the US will not be able to save you forever.

      What’s more? My Palestinian friend’s family has lived in the region dating back to the Canaanites, and the Phoenicians BEFORE the time that the land was also carved up by the Israelites. True ethnic Israelites are also Canaanites but that genetic claim does not belong to the vast majority of Israelis today. But maybe that is a part of history you like to forget, or maybe it was conveniently not taught to you.

      My friend is the FIRST generation born out of Palestine. His mother and father were FORCED to move to Amman. The ENTIRE rest of his family STILL lives in Ramallah.

      Is your bitterness about the holocaust a joke? Is Jewish “obsession” with the holocaust cruel?

      Do you not see Israeli soldiers terrorizing Palestinians the way we see film of Nazi’s terrorizing Jews? Do you not see Israel in violation of international human rights accords at all? With the advent of social media and recording devices everywhere these cruelties can’t be hidden by Israeli controlled media anymore. Take a look for yourself, it’s out there. Little by little the world is seeing your embarrassing zionism. The truth and the cruelty is leaking out wether you like it or not. So it’s better to start opening your eyes now.

      The mass extermination of Palestinians isn’t through gas chambers and labor camps, NO, it is through massacres, and ghetto conditions forced on Palestinians in their occupied land. The force of miserable living conditions, settling on their land, diverting their WATER and resources, and terrorizing them every chance Israelis get, with the EXPECTATION that Palestinians will just absorb into other Arab countries when they leave, as if Palestinians are just some generic Arab. Settlers terrorize Palestinian children on their way to school, often killing them, and never facing legal consequences. The occupation diverts supplies, and medical help causing people to die who would have lived otherwise. Having to deal with checkpoints and the “I have God-like power over you” attitude of the 18 and 19 years olds with their HUGE THREATENING machine guns and wild testosterone is driving Palestinians to FLEE. almost all displaced Palestinians are where they are because they or their parents or Grandparents Fled for their lives! This is ETHNIC CLEANSING and YOU are apart of it.

      I hope you are prepared for Zionism to be put on the same shelf as Nazism. Judaism and Zionism are diametrically opposed, but none the less Israelis are brainwashed to believe that they are in the right and US sympathies toward Israel are apart of the cover up.

      It makes my heart break because jews have a huge sympathy in the world because of what Hitler did, and I believe it happened, and it makes me so angry to see how cruelly men can treat other men, I used to be “obsessed” with all things holocaust for years and I am glad that I know what I learned, I still believe that it was wrong but Zionist action against Palestinians takes away a lot of that sympathy simply because we see that Jews are just as capable of ethnic cleansing. If you were a real Jew who felt any pain about what happened in the holocaust you would be crying and fighting for the Palestinians right now.

      Israelis conquered the land so it is theirs you might say. Unfortunately this is very circular logic, It goes a little something like this:

      Israelis own this land.
      Well how do you know?
      Because the Arabs attacked us and we won, so the land is ours.
      Well how do you know that is true?
      Because our history books tell us.
      Who wrote your history books?
      Israelis wrote Israeli history books, so it is true, Israelis own this land.

      We will see who is going to seek professional help when everything you thought was true is exposed for the lie that it is.

      “Oh, and you better thank your lucky stars you live in the US.” ??? Really??? Typical Zionist making threats against Palestinians. Do you see how you put your foot in your mouth?

  3. A very intriguing article! :) I’m a follower to all your articles. I come from Dubai and I’m very new here in Michigan. It makes me happy to see such talented, smart and dedicated arabs especially being proud of their origin and their homeland. respect

  4. Dear Palestine!
    I understand your anger. you are right. and you can not believe me, now, when i say: “i am sorry. i want to make a new beginning.” therefore it is better, if me make a pause.
    but i want to say, from the very deep of my heart: i love you. i will always see my life connected to you, even if there is no connection between us. i know how ugly are my cousins, and i am ashamed of them. it is my fault i brought them to our house, and i will kick them out, not because you said so, but because they oppress me too. you are not the only oppressed, i am too. i don’t want them anymore, and it was a mistake to bring them. you wrote, i think i am perfect, but in fact, perhaps, i felt some weakness comparing with you. you are so beautiful, so strong, so intelligent, and, yes: fiery, protective, passionate, and full of love! and i wasn’t sure enough by myself. so i let these bastards of cousins in. but they destroyed everything, and they hurt me very much too, although you feel, that your are the only victim, and you are angry with me, because i also was a part of this all. i cannot deny it. i did terrible things. and i have to live with it, and i wanted you to know, that i am aware of it, today. really.
    i wish you all the best, and i assure you: i will never forget you, and i will ever ever love you. i will never again share your secret family hummus recipe your mom gave me. ah… you forgot this album here… i am sure, you know which one i mean.
    if you don’t answer, i will not write you again.
    allah ma’k!

  5. I am sorry for your hurt. She may have been treacherous & deceitful however you are very bitter. Please let it go. If not for her, then for yourself. Onward and upward.

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